Old Mole Variety Hour for December 20, 2021


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Mon, 12/20/2021 - 9:00am to 10:00am
Views, Reviews, and Interviews from a Socialist-Feminist, Anti-racist, Anti-colonial and LGBTQ-positive Perspective


Sharon Grant hosts this episode of the Old Mole, which includes the following segments:

Climate Insurgency: Bill Resnick interviews Jeremy Brecher, a writer and activist, who cofounded the Labor Network for Sustainability and wrote the book Climate Insurgency, a Strategy for Survival. It envisions mass global nonviolent action to force the mobilization of all resources as did the U.S. in World War II to reconstruct the economy and ways of life to restore the ecosystems upon which our lives depend. Bill and Jeremy discuss the great range of climate action organizations and efforts in this country, how these represent an embryo that might well develop into mass global non-violent action, and precedents for such a mass movement in the U.S., like the 60s Civil Rights insurgency and the labor movement of the 30s and 40s.

Native Storytelling in the Film Antlers: Jan Haaken talks with Grace DiIlon about Antlers, a film set in a decaying mining town in Oregon where people are threatened by Wendigo, a cannibalistic character that has deep roots in Native storytelling. Grace served as an Indigenous advisor to the film and she talks with Jan about how this story was taken up in the film and what was important about the character as portrayed as allegory. Grace Dillon is professor of Indigenous Nations Studies at Portland State University and coined the term, Indigenous futurism, paying homage to Afrofuturism, which weaves in traditional knowledge and culture with futuristic ideas and settings.

A Charlie Brown Christmas: Joe Clement and special guest Dennis Gravy review the classic Christmas-time cartoon, "A Charlie Brown Christmas". They consider anti-commercialism, alienation, cultural appropriation, white supremacy, and why the "workers revolution" that seems to promise an answer to Charlie Brown's problems falls flat. Dennis Gravy is a member of the Industrial Workers of the World. This show originally aired in December 2015.







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