Latest developments in the 2006 murder of journalist Brad Will

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Tue, 01/05/2010 - 12:00am
Latest developments in the 2006 murder of journalist Brad Will

A Mexican judge has once again called for the release of human rights activist Juan Manuel Martinez Moreno. Moreno was charged with the murder of Indymedia journalist Brad Will in 2006, despite the fact that there was no evidence against him. On Friday, a Mexican judge recognized this lack of evidence, and ordered Moreno’s release within fifteen days.

Supporters of Juan Manuel Martinez Moreno say that he was framed for the murder because he is an activist who has pointed out corruption in the Mexican government.  Several off-duty Mexican police who were caught on film shooting at Brad Will have not been charged with any crime.This past October, another judge ordered Moreno to be released due to lack of evidence, but the Mexican Attorney General’s office appealed the order.  Moreno has been in jail for over a year, despite the fact that over one hundred eyewitnesses say that he was not present at the scene of Brad Will’s murder.  This is an interview with Kathy Will, Brad Will’s mother, about Juan Manuel's case.

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