Tre Arrow: Exclusive KBOO interview after 6.5 years in prison

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Fri, 12/04/2009 - 12:00am
Tre Arrow: Exclusive KBOO interview after 6.5 years in prison

Long-time forest activist Tre Arrow was released today after serving a six and a half year prison term. He was convicted of taking part in two arsons related to logging of old growth forests. Tre Arrow stopped by the KBOO studio just after his release.

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Tre Arrow (stupid name by the way) and his friends went way overboard.  They probably did more damage to the environment by torching those trucks than most people would think.  He seems more interested in publicity than any real love for the environment.  Also he got caught in Canada trying to shoplift bolt cutters.  Pathetic and dumb.  He should not be lionized.

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It's really too bad that one whom over a period of time has proven to be a severe borderline personality disordered person should be given a voice as a victim of the system or someone to be emulated.Kim Baller

hello, if you're willing to comment more, please do....many people want to know. can you be reached by email or phone? I imagine you're not shy about how you feel since you left your name.

Hello fellow anonymous ...There has been criticism of posting via "amonymous" lately.  I'll tell you that if there wasn't such an option, very few listeners would post.  There is an unfortunate tendency for a few persons associated with KBOO to dump on anyone who disagrees with whatever opinions or positions are broadcast on KBOO radio.  This often devolves into personal attacks.There is a lot of crying out here for "diversity" and "tolerance", but persons who have different views than the dominant paradigm at KBOO in my opinion are not treated on these forums with any tolerance.As far as my views ... if Tre commit the crime of arson, he deserved to be in prison.  There is a huge difference between peaceful protest, and a crime of arson.  However I am very suspicious of the need for the new anti-terrorism laws to be used for prosecution of this type of crime, and feel that the pre-existing statutes could probably have been effective. 

 This case is not so much about Tre as it is about the US.  24hr interrogations by FBI were enough to get other environmentalists to testify against Tre in exchange for reductions to their sentences which is enough evidence to put someone away for years with the new anti-terrorism legislation, which was used on Tre before it was used on terrorists.  It is like the nation has gone mad.  Good that Tre is out.  We should never have political prisoners and claim to be a democracy.  I can't believe the comments on this.  It must be the result of the paid spin doctors that surf the web in the employ of special interest groups.  Nobody could hate Tre so much after what he has gone through.

I hear you. Being punished for dissenting is wrong, any way you dice it.  As amazing as it is that so much anti-dissent ideology even survives at all...I really just think it's a blip on the radar.............Yvette

Hi Tre,It's with a sense of happiness, that I discovered this interview on my favorite public radio station.  I have followed your incarceration time through Canada, and of course before, my Mom and I came down to take part in the protest at the FS building downtown and to visit you up there.  My wife and I toured Gods Valley after it was cut.  I couldn't believe that senseless destruction, and by the time we left, my wife was picking up their trash.  I was impressed by her strength.  I visited, wrote and and marched for Eagle Creek and now anyone, even if they didn't care, can go experience an ancient forest!  I'm very glad and very thankful you are out of prison.  Just go on and be Tre. 

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