Greg Palast on voting rights, Occupy, Afghanistan and Steve Donziger


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Wed, 09/22/2021 - 8:00am to 9:00am
We welcome Greg back for another Membership Drive special!



We are thrilled to have investigative reporter extraordinaire Greg Palast back on KBOO Talk Radio for yet another Membership Drive special!! Greg has helped us out almost too many times too count over the years, appearing on many different shows, but especially on Voices From the Edge with Jo Ann Hardesty (of course now a Portland City Commissioner and no longer doing her KBOO show).

Today Greg joins host Paul Roland to look back on the Occupy movement, ten years after it exploded on the social and political landscape, and which he covered extensively at the time; his take on the end of the war in Afghanistan; the upcoming sentencing of Steve Donziger, the lawyer who battled Chevron and found himself prosecuted instead; and of course his perspective on the continuing suppression of voting rights in the U.S., always a major focus of his.

And it is our Fall Membership Drive, so you are encouraged, urged, exhorted to support INDEPENDENT, LISTENER-SPONSORED COMMUNITY RADIO. As you no doubt know, we are still playing it safe and not having our "Membership Central" phone-banking fund-raising party in the big back room. So PLEASE go to
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