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Wed, 04/29/2009 - 12:00am
Mike Ruppert: "A Presidential Energy Policy"

Per Fagereng speaks with writer and peak oil researcher Mike Ruppert, whose latest book is "A Presidential Energy Policy" which will be published on May Day.


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Could someone please forward this message to Mile Ruppert?
I read 'Crossing the Rubicon, a few years ago. Mike obviously knows there is an alternative view that we are nowhere near 'Peak Oil' yet. I have tended towards Mike's view, but here is an alternative view which I'm sure would interest Mike (and others) from Lindsey Williams:

As well as his revelations about massive finds on North Alaska shelf (Gull Island) he also tells us of Abner Dethrey's admission that he was sent to Iraq in February/May 1990 to pass on State Department message to Saddam that the US would not intervene if Saddam invaded Kuwait, as well as other useful info.

Gull Island is a complete myth, and Lindsey Williams doesn't really know what he's talking about when it comes to geology and techtonics. Big Oil doesn't have a rear spoiler on their greed. If there was oil up there, the U.S. would have drilled it decades ago, and reaped the benefits.

Wow! Thanks for providing this interview with Mike. I was excited to hear Mike sounding well and talking about energy issues of the day. I just got my copy of the new book and look forward to reading it. KBOO, thanks for keeping me updated on Mike's current work!

In a single sentence in number nine of questions to ask about a proposed energy source, Ruppert reveals a secret: nuclear fast breeder reactors have a better EROEI than fossil fuels. Thee reactors are 100 times as efficient, and can burn exponentially more abundant low-grade ores. In fact, uranium and thorium exist in granite at low concentration such that granite would have 50 times the energy density of coal. For more info, read "Nuclear energy and the fossil fuels," M. King Hubbert's famous speech in which he predicted peak oil. Or, google "Integral Fast Reactor." We'd be building fast reactors now if they weren't cancelled by Clinton in 1994!

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