The Gap: Cuomo's Resignation and Newberg School Board vote to ban Pride and BLM flags


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Fri, 08/13/2021 - 8:00am to 9:00am


On this episode of the Gap, Tammy and Althea start by talking about the (long-time-coming) resignation of NY Governor Andrew Cuomo for sexually harassing nearly a dozen women and for sending old folks with COVID into nursing homes. In a strange twist of fate, his resignation will result in the first woman to hold the governorship in New York, so yay for progress on gender equality? We discuss his resignation remarks and invoking his daughters to say he cares deeply about sexism and that everyone saying bad things about him sexually harassing them is really hurtful to his adult daughters so please stop it!

Then, we discuss a vote from the Newberg School Board this week that wants to ban the LGBTQ+ Pride flag and the Black Lives Matter flag from school buildings. We talk about the freedom of speech and expression, and look at the landmark Supreme Court case, Tinker v. Des Moines (shoutout to Althea's high school journalism teacher). Our callers help us digest the unsettling vote pushed through on summer break (and the fact they didn't even check with the lawyers beforehand!) and discuss what political action looked like when we were in high school.

A note from Sonia that we ran out of time to cover: Schools are required by law to act in the interests of every student's safety, under the doctrine of in loco parentis. Particular threats, and actual harm, against specific groups of students obligate schools to explicitly affirm, incl. by prominent displays, those students' rights and the school's commitment to those students, themselves, and to their rights.

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