Talking Earth: Laura Winter and Jen Coleman

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Mon, 01/18/2021 - 10:00pm to 11:00pm
Talking Earth with poets Laura Winter and Jen Coleman, hosted by Dan Raphael

Tonight's Talking Earth is hosted by dan raphael, with poetry readings by Laura Winter and Jen Coleman.  dan reads some work by Dennis McBride, Jack Spicer and himself.

Laura Winter is the author of 6 collections of poetry, broadsides and performance projects. A number of her poems have been translated into other languages. Improvised music is an influential factor in how Laura considers the use of the page and language. She performs with musicians, nationally and internationally, using language as an instrument. Her US-Mexico borderlands collaboration with photographer Terri Warpinski, Liminal Matter: Fences and Liminal Matter: Traces is in numerous special collections such as Stanford University Library, Amherst College and Yale.  Winter occasionally publishes TAKE OUT, a bag-a-zine featuring visual art, writing and music.

Jen Coleman is the author of two books of poetry: We Denizens from Furniture Press, and Psalms for Dogs and Sorcerers from Trembling Pillow Press. Her poem “ Write Me a Poem, Says Mom, About Death” can be found in issue one of the Oxeye reader at 

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