Just voted!

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 Just dropped off the ol' ballot. It feels pretty good.

It's hard to believe that this interminable election campaign (far, far too long) is nearly over. It's hard, too, to untie all the emotions that are bound up with it, at least for me.

For those of you who listen to the show, you've heard Joe and I pour out a lifetime's worth of angst over the last several years. So much has happened that one's sense of outrage (if one has been paying attention) blurs between this war and that Constitutional affront and this abuse of power ... It's like a background white noise of outrage.

War. Torture. Election theft. Disenfranchisement. Disappearing liberties. The abolition of science in the public sphere. The triumph of plutocracy. The reign of fear in electoral politics. The reign of cowardice in Congressional politics. And on and on.

Will an Obama win really signify the end of all this, a turning toward something better? I want to believe it so badly. I do believe it on some level. But I'm skeptical.

What if he's some kinda corporate Manchurian candidate. What if, behind the reasonable, progressive facade it's just business as usual in an Obama administration?

Whatever the outcome tomorrow, our work as progressives is not over. It's just begun. More on this later.




It felt good, but I am skeptical as all get out myself. I did an informal poll at my work and it seems that everyone voted... though I surmise many for those I would not like. The general consensus was an Obama outcome though. I was going to call the show today, with my prediction for the election outcome, but working as a delivery driver doesn't make that easy. It's looking scary with all the votes being dropped, but we may just overcome with sheer volume of votes. Fingers are crossed.

Anyways, It is a good day. Today is my first day as a card carrying member of KBOO. Whoo! It came in the mail last night. I love the show, and it's one of the biggest reasons I became a member. Keep up the good work eh.

Keep on rockin.
Casey Poukkula