Thanks to all the amazing volunteers and community members for 12/30

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Sunday, January 8, 2017 - 8:15pm
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Thank You!!

Hey there,

I wanted to send a super duper uber big thanks out to everyone that came to wish Lisa Happy Birthday and made the festivities of Friday, December 30th a great success. I hosted 7 live performers including Institute For Creative Dying (Paul Michael Schaefer of Waver Clamor Bellow) and Brandon Conway playing experimental, A few people I had met a songwriting retreat in July called Hidden River in Willapa Bay WA dropped by. Mark Malefyt and Sean Ramstead drove 2 hours west from Mauphin, OR in the Gorge to come play. Gabby Holt was another friend from the songcamp and she records with Daniel John Riddle of King Black Acid. Gabby introduced me to Stephanie Scelza and Mark Bowden from Strange and The Familars. They brought along the talented photographer Mercy McNab and she has worked with many publications around town including PDX Eleven. The night ended with a 5 piece rock n roll band The Carotids. Thank you all!!

I want to also thank my co-worker  Demetrius and her 12 year old son, Darrius for visiting KBOO for the first time. I let Darrius read the messaging and it felt great to give someone that young that opportunity. The Engineering Crew got a lot of compliments on the mix. Thank you Jazz, Robert J, Brad L, Wayne, Devin and of course, Tommy. Thanks to the people who shared food. 

Extra Big Shout Out to Hiroki Sukegawa. He's our new video intern and he is the bomb. There are going to be a lot of awesome opportunities to share something more. He is really stoked on live music too. Thanks Hiroki!

Here's to another year of amazing live performances presented by wonderful people