New Folk Releases December 13, 2013


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new folk releases that were added to the KBOO Music Library the week of December 13th
CHILDSPLAY                                                           As the Crow Flies
STEVEN GRAVES                                                  Time Will Tell
MARK GROBNER & KEN KOLODNER              Sunrise
LOU DOMINGUEZ                                                  We the People
JADEA KELLY                                                         Clover
JOHN MCCUTCHEON                                           22 Days
JEAN MANN                                                             Between the Rocks and Stars
BRIAN MILLER & RANDY GOSA                                    The Falling of the Pine
NOCTAMBULE                                                        Travel in the Shadows
HANNAH SHIRA NAIMAN                                                Tether My Heart
GINNY REILLY*                                                       The Blues of Bessie Smith
SPUYTEN DUYVIL                                                 Temptation
DAVE VAN RONK                                                   Down in Washington Square
B STERLING                                                                        Searching Through the Changes
THE STRAY BIRDS                                                            Echo Sessions EP
VINEGAR CREEK CONSTITUENCY                  Don't Go Back in Time
STAN WELLS                                                           High Tide
VI WICKAM                                                               Long Time Comin'
WOOL & GRANT                                                     Wool & Grant
various artists                                                           Snowbird: The Songs of Gene MacLellan
COPPER & COAL                                                   Copper & Coal
WEST MY FRIEND                                                 Place
CAPERCAILLE                                                        At the Heart of It All
DICK HENSOLD                                                      Big Music for Northumbrian Smallpipes
VARIOUS                                                                  (Christine Lavin presents) Just One Angel v2.0
VARIOUS                                                                  Hudson Harding Happy Holidays volume 8
VARIOUS                                                                  A Very Blue Rock Christmas
* of Reilly & Maloney