New in KBOO Music Library Nov. 26, 2012

New in KBOO Music Library Nov. 26, 2012

Thorn, Tracey    Tinsel and Lights    Merge    Christmas
various artists    Holidays Rule    Hear Music    Christmas
Flume    Self-titled    Future Classic    Electronica
Massive Attack    Blue Lines 2012 mix/master    Virgin    Electronica
Prince Rama    Top Ten Hits of the End of the World    Paw tracks)    Electronica
Stott, Andy    Luxury Problems    Modern Love    Electronica
Connors, Loren & Suzanne Langille    I Wish I Didn't Dream    Northern-Spy    Experimental
Home of Easy Credit    Self-titled    Northern-Spy    Experimental
Hwang, Jason Kao    Burning Bridge    Innova    Experimental
Korzynski, Andrej    Secret Enigma    B-Music    Experimental
various artists    CR200 [A  Compilation]    Carbon Records    Experimental
ZS    Score: Complete Sextet Works: 2002-2007(disc 1 missing)    Northern-Spy    Experimental
Rovics, David    Meanwhile in Afghanistan    Creative Commons    Folk [contemporary]
Tone Bent [Bill Horvitz & Robin Eschner    Angels in the Kitchen    Big Door Prize    Folk [contemporary]
Tone Bent [Bill Horvitz & Robin Eschner    Say What You Will    Big Door Prize    Folk [contemporary]
Le Sac, Dan    Space Between the Worlds    Sunday Best    Hiphop
Alileche, Moe    The Source of Water     V8 Music    Middle East/Algeria
Casket Girls    Sleepwalking    Graveface    Rock [alt/punk]
Child Actor    Victory    Fake Four    Rock [alt/punk]
Earlimart    System Preferences    The Ship    Rock [alt/punk]
Land Observations    Roman Roads IV-XI    Mute    Rock [alt/punk]
Lyres    Lyres Lyres    Ace of Hearts/Monster    Rock [alt/punk]
Lyres    On Fyre    Ace of Hearts/Monster    Rock [alt/punk]
Mahogany Frog    Senna    Monjune    Rock [alt/punk]
Michael the Blind    Are's & Els    Alder Street    Rock [alt/punk]
Paws    Cokefloat!    Fatcat    Rock [alt/punk]
Qurious    Void Vanishing    Stickfigure    Rock [alt/punk]
Slam Dunk    Welcome to Miami    FU:M    Rock [alt/punk]
various artists    Man Chest Hair    Finders Keepers    Rock [alt/punk]
Woodpecker Wooliams    The Bird School of Human Being    Robot Elephant    Rock [alt/punk]
Brown, Rachel Taylor    7 Small Winter Songs    Cutthroat Pop    Rock [regular]
Bryant, Tyler & the Shakedown    Wild Child Sampler    Carved    Rock [regular]
Del Rey, Lana    Paradise    Interscope    Rock [regular]
Dyer, Tom    I Ain't Blue Anymore    Green Monkey    Rock [regular]
Elim Bolt    Nude South    Hearts & Plugs    Rock [regular]
Huge Sally    Self-titled    Bad!Austin    Rock [regular]
Mayors of Liberty    Another Day in the Dream Factory    Self-released    Rock [regular]
Old Time Machine    Self-titled    FU:M    Rock [regular]
Orton, Beth    Sugaring Season    Anti    Rock [regular]
People Get Ready    Self-titled    Brassland    Rock [regular]
Presley, Elvis    At Madison Square Garden    RCA    Rock [regular]
Ruth, Elin    Bang    Distiller    Rock [regular]
Snowgoose    Harmony Springs    Ba Ba bing    Rock [regular]
Sorenson, Sutton    Long, Long Time    Self-released    Rock [regular]
Sunny Era    Lost in the Sea of Ghosts    Self-released    Rock [regular]
Tea Cozies    Bang Up    Self-released    Rock [regular]
Wright, Daredevil Christopher    The Nature of Things    FU:M    Rock [regular]