New titles in music library may 18, 2012

KBOO response to COVID19
New titles in music library may 18, 2012

Biales. Lisa    Just Like Honey    Big Song Music    Blues, Urban
Levasseur. Treasa    Broad    Slim Chicken     Blues, Urban
Primich, Gary    Lust A Little Bit More...    Old Pal    Blues, Urban
Various Artists    The World Is A Monster    Columbia    C&W
All Good Funk Alliance    Jacks of All Trades    Fort Knox    Electronica
Crisopa    Biodance    N5MD     Electronica
Exit Bratislava    Near Dark and Beyond, Vol. 1    Brain Zone    Electronica
Kindness    World, You Need a Change of Mind    Casablanca    Electronica
Lee, Shawn    Synthesizers in Space    ESL Music    Electronica
Nickodemus    Moon People    ESL Music    Electronica
Prydz, Eric    Pryda    Astralwerks    Electronica
Slugabed    Time Team    Ninja Tune    Electronica
Trumpdisco    OV Shark EP    Common Trolls/Sweat It Out    Electronica
Pixel    Reminder    Cuneiform    Jazz
Campo    Self-titled    Self-released    Latin Rock
Cree Confederation    Horse Dance    Canyon    Native American
Gonnie, Louie    Pathway to Destiny    Canyon    Native American
Northern Cree    Dencerz Groove    Canyon    Native American
Silas, Wayne    TRUE – Round Dance Songs    Canyon    Native American
Small, Gary    Hostiles & Renegades    Blue Moon    Native American
Thunder Wolf, Mark    Open Your Heart    Ancient Winds    Native American
Thunder Wolf, Mark    Totem... The Winged Ones    Thunder Wolf Productions    Native American
Toppah, Cheevers    True Melodies    Canyon    Native American
Wood, Fawn    Iskwewak    Canyon    Native American
Oliver, Hugh    ...And All That Crap    Noodilly Noodilly Wow    Novelty
Alcoholic Faith Mission    Ask Me This    Old Flame    Rock [Alt/Punk]
Alphanaut    Little Sun    Mad Music    Rock [Alt/Punk]
Birthmark    Antibodies    Polyvinyl    Rock [Alt/Punk]
Blue Foundation    In My Mind I Am Free    Dead People's Choice    Rock [Alt/Punk]
Boom Boom Box, The    Until Your Eyes get Used To the Darkness    Kirtland    Rock [Alt/Punk]
Cheap Time    Wallpaper Music    In The Red    Rock [Alt/Punk]
Facts On File    Self-titled    Self-released    Rock [Alt/Punk]
Fixers    Pop Meat/Your Corruptor    Dolphin Love    Rock [Alt/Punk]
Gravehurst    The Ghost in Daylight    Warp    Rock [Alt/Punk]
I Break Horses    Hearts    Cooperative Music     Rock [Alt/Punk]
Inner Banks, The    Wild    Dag!    Rock [Alt/Punk]
PS I Love You    Deqath Dreams    Paper Bag    Rock [Alt/Punk]
Violens    TRUE    Slumberland    Rock [Alt/Punk]
Williams, Amanda Jo    The Bear Eats Me    Neurotic Yell    Rock [Alt/Punk]
Bethany and the Guitar     Sparrow    Self-released    Rock [regular]
Branan, Cory    Mutt    Bloodshot    Rock [regular]
Happy, Heidi    Hiding With the Wolves    Tonequake    Rock [regular]
Jones, Lew Act    Rain On the Marshlands 2    Self-released    Rock [regular]
Lake Street Dive    Fun Machine    Signature Sounds    Rock [regular]
Little Hurricane    Homewrecker    Self-released    Rock [regular]
Michella, Lucy & The Velvet Lapelles    Heat    Periscope    Rock [regular]
Mill, Rhett    The Dreamer    Maximum Sunshine    Rock [regular]
Slim, Langhorne & The Law    The Way We Move    Ramseur    Rock [regular]
Stellabotta, Dar    Ride the Wave of Love    Self-released    Rock [regular]
Swansea    Old Blood    Self-released    Rock [regular]
Warm In the Wake    Night Wounds    Beta Cloud    Rock [regular]
Zarzar, Martin    Two Dollars To Ride the Train    Self-released    Rock [regular]
Anderson, Fortner, et al.    Solitary Pleasures    Etrecords    Spoken Word