New Releases May 11, 2012

KBOO response to COVID19
New Releases May 11, 2012

Leavell, Chuck    Back to the Woods    Evergreen Arts    Blues, contempoary
Mannish Boys    Double Dynamite    Delta Groove Music    Blues, contempoary
Mischo, RJ    Make It Good    Delta Groove Music    Blues, contempoary
Nelson, Willie    Heroes    Sony    C&W
Humans    Traps    Hybridity    Electronica
Squarepusher    Ufabulum    Warp    Electronica
Aardvark Jazz Orchestra    Evocations    Leo    Experimental
MMM Quartet    Live at the Metz' Aersenal    Leo    Experimental
Sever, Vostok    Tim Dorofeyev's Project    Leo    Experimental
Landeza, Patrick    Kama'Alua    Addison Street    Hawaiian
Kruglov/Lapin/Yudanov    Impulse    Leo    Jazz
Minor Empire    Second Nature    World Trip    Middle East, contemporary
K'Nova    K'Nova    H.E.G.    Reggae
Lions, The    The Lions    Stones Throw    Reggae
All Of Them Witches    Breathers Vs. Drivers    Self-released    Rock [alt/punk]
Allo Darlin    Europe    Slumberland    Rock [alt/punk]
Authorities    Kung Pao Au Go-Go    Get Hip    Rock [alt/punk]
Beach House    Bloom    Sub Pop    Rock [alt/punk]
Coombes, Gaz    Here Come the Bombs    Hot Fruit    Rock [alt/punk]
Dead On TV    Fuck You, I'm Famous    WTII    Rock [alt/punk]
Is/Is    Is/Is III    Guilt Ridden    Rock [alt/punk]
Knotted Cord    Use Your Mind Powers For Hours and Hours    Self-released    Rock [alt/punk]
Kwes    Meantime    Warp    Rock [alt/punk]
Lower Dens    Nootropics    Ribbon Music    Rock [alt/punk]
Marriages    Marriages    Sargent House    Rock [alt/punk]
Off    Self-titled    VICE Music    Rock [alt/punk]
Orcas    Self-titled    Morr Music    Rock [alt/punk]
Plankton Wat    Spirits    Thrill Jockey    Rock [alt/punk]
Pow Wows    Nightmare Soda    Get Hip    Rock [alt/punk]
Reptil Palace Orchestra    Songs and Dances of Madisonia    Omnuim    Rock [alt/punk]
Ripe, The    Into Your Ears    Get Hip    Rock [alt/punk]
Various artists    The Thing That Ate Larry Livermore    Adeline    Rock [alt/punk]
Wazu    Self-titled    Anti-Language    Rock [alt/punk]
Woods & Amps For Christ    Woods/Amps for Christ    Shrimper     Rock [alt/punk]
Anderson, Ian    Thick As A Brick II    EMI    Rock [regular]
Benson, Brendan    What Kind of World    Readymade    Rock [regular]
Berke, Rand    Rand Berke    Self-released    Rock [regular]
Carey, S.    Hoyas EP    Jagjaguwar    Rock [regular]
Dylan Trees    Victoryville    Mother West Music    Rock [regular]
Freeman, Aaron    marvelous Clouds    Partisan    Rock [regular]
Fullbright, John    From the Ground Up    Blue Dirt    Rock [regular]
Hoop, Jessica    The House That Jack Built    Bella Union    Rock [regular]
Kelly, Ann    Petals and Thorns    October Daze    Rock [regular]
McCartney, Paul    Ram [archive edition]    MPL Communications    Rock [regular]
Mowgli's    Dound the Drum    Self-released    Rock [regular]
Nourallah, Salim Treefort 5    Hit Parade    Tapete    Rock [regular]
Sage, Rachel    Haunted By You    Impress    Rock [regular]
Stone, Julia    By the Thorns    Self-released    Rock [regular]
Turner Moore Band    Country Roots EP    Self-released    Rock [regular]
Monophonics    in Your Brain    Ubiquity    Soul