Great Show!


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Tillicum Wawa ROCKED !!


Osiyo, KBOOers!

What fun we had this morning on Tillicum Wawa! Lively discussion and music, chanting and ukelele playing...

Truly, there was a mixture of people! We had a man in his 20's and one almost 80. I loved that a strong native woman led the show with her son sitting in, playing ukelele before he heads off to adventure on the Islands.

John Talley honored us with a rare appearance at the station and told a couple of great stories.

We had a chance to talk with our friends, Iokepa, Hawiian spirtiual leader of the Return Voyage and his wife, Inette a gifted writer and journalist.

They were wonderful to have on the show sharing their thoughts on sacred sites, and other topics as well as excerpts from Inette's new book of memoirs,"Grandmothers Whisper".

Emily totally rocked at engineering the show, so adaptable and professional!

I hope everyone listening, enjoyed it as much as I did!

I'm loving working with Eugene and Shusli! They are such a nice couple, good radio personalities with good hearts.

We checked out the "Reel Injun" movie together last weekend, maybe we will critique it on the air...

Peace and love,


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