Website Archiver Down

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KBOO Community, 

You may have noticed that the automatic audio archiver that uploads your radio shows to the website has recently gone offline. 

The software that was running that part of our website was severely outdated and is no longer working. 

If you have the technical ability to record your show and upload it to your episode pages manually, we reccomend that you do so.

In the mean time, KBOO staff and volunteers are working to manually upload the audio that has been lost, and we hope to have all of the missing audio uploaded by 9/4/23. 

This is a large task! If you are computer-savvy, and would like to assist in the effort to upload the missing audio, read the instructions on how to access missing audio. 

If you would like put in a request for your show's missing audio to be uploaded, you can send an e-mail to with the title of your show, and your audio will be uploaded for you. 

If you have already sent us an e-mail regarding your show's audio, we are getting to you!

Again, we hope to have all missing audio uploaded by 9/4/23. 

We sincerely appreciate your patience while we fix and upgrade our website! 

Thank you KBOO Community! 

Web Coordinator