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ACLU wins a fight for transgender care in prison; and talking LGBTQ History Month with GLAPN

Airs at: Tue, 10/31/2017 at 6:00pm - 7:00pm
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We welcome Kelly Simon of ACLU-Oregon to discuss the case of Michalle Wright. As the Associated Press reported last week, "The state prison system in Oregon will provide a transgender inmate with hormone therapy, bras and women's underwear and will consider transferring her... Read more

Decriminalization of Sex Work

Airs at: Mon, 10/30/2017 at 6:30pm - 7:00pm
Produced for Prison Pipeline
The Drug Policy Alliance held its 2017 International Drug Policy Reform Conference recently in Atlanta, Georgia. This year’s policy conference was not dominated by white middle class male Libertarians -- thankfully -- and instead emphasized harm reduction, identity politics... Read more

Citizens Respond to Latest COCL Report on Police Reform

Airs at: Tue, 10/17/2017 at 5:00pm - 5:15pm
Produced for Evening News
The Compliance Officer and Community Liaison (COCL) is the body tasked with independently assessing the city's compliance with a 2012 Settlement with the US Department of Justice. The settlement (pdf) was reached after years of community agitation over excessive force by po... Read more

On the Ground Radio

Airs at: Mon, 10/16/2017 at 11:00am - 12:00pm
Produced for Radiozine
  A recurring theme in this show is news, media, information and voice. Who gets to be heard. What stories, narratives, lives are lifted up as worthy, and what lies are lifted up as truth. Gerald Horne is in the house with new books, including "The Rise and Fall of the Ass... Read more

Press**Watch: the march of fascism

Airs at: Thu, 10/12/2017 at 9:00am - 10:00am
Produced for Presswatch
A peaceful Portland protest gets the Guantanamo treatment.  What will the Portland Police try next? Read more

Major Fires Ravage Northern California, Destroying Neighborhoods

Airs at: Tue, 10/10/2017 at 5:00pm - 6:00pm
Produced for Evening News
A state of emergency has been declared in 8 Northern California counties as multiple wildfires rip through the region forcing many mandatory evacuations. This fire has reduced entire neighborhoods to ash, claiming 15 lives. Nearly 20,000 people have been forced to evacuate,... Read more

New Queer & Trans writing: talking with Tobi Hill-Meyer and Gabby Rivera

Airs at: Tue, 10/10/2017 at 6:00pm - 7:00pm
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We'll spend time with educator, activist, and writer Tobi Hill-Meyer. She's a founder of the Gender Justicve League, a transgender civil & human rights organization in Washington, as well as an author of two children's books... and her work includes sex worker rights, AIDS ... Read more

Iraq Veteran Labelled 'Hero' After Rescuing Victims from Shooting Carnage

Airs at: Tue, 10/03/2017 at 5:00pm - 6:00pm
Produced for Evening News
An Iraq veteran named Taylor Winston was labelled a 'hero' after he rescued people from the Las Vegas mass shooting and took them to the hospital. As soon as the gunman had opened fire on the crowd below the hotel room, Winston had immediately run off to try and get some he... Read more

General Joseph Dunford Opposes Military Trans Ban

Airs at: Wed, 09/27/2017 at 5:00pm - 5:45pm
Produced for Evening News
General Joseph Dunford, who is the nation's highest-ranking military officer, told the Senate on Tuesday that he does not support the plan to ban transgender people from the armed forces. The head of Joint Chiefs of Staff said that they believe that if any person meets the ... Read more

KBOO News In Depth: Steven and Jennifer Cook of One Portland

Airs at: Mon, 09/25/2017 at 5:45pm - 6:00pm
Produced for News In Depth
Since a new president took office in January, coincidentally enough, incidents of racism, sexual harassment, and xenophobia seem to be on the uptick in Portland. One local businessman, Steven Cook, co-owner of the bar Church on NE Sandy Boulevard, aims to reverse that alar... Read more