Letters to Trump

2/5/17 Letters to Trump: Black History Month

Resident Trump: Tonight I don't even think I need to write anything to indict you, I'll just share your own words, to the circle of black apologists you surrounded yourself with to kick off Black History Month: "Well, the election, it came out really well. Next time we’ll ... Read more

02/02/17 Letters to Trump: Losing white privilege = equality for all

2/1/17 Resident Trump: This just keeps getting worse – but I have a feeling it’s going to get much, much worse before it gets better. Firing the Acting Attorney General two nights ago in an extremely political letter saying she was “soft on immigration” – when it was her ... Read more

1/29/17 - Letters to Trump: Protests at the airports; You will not divide us

1/29/2017 Resident Trump: Your second weekend as President, once again rocked with protests – this time at airports across the country, demanding the release of family and friends whom you had ordered deported based solely on their country of origin/religion. See, a lot o... Read more

Letters to Trump 1/26/17: On the way to authoritarianism - lies are truth, truth is a lie...

Resident Trump: Now I see the path you are taking this country down – and it is incredibly authoritarian. This is the way democracies turn into police states. And you probably don’t even have any idea that this is what’s happening, you are just letting yourself be “advised... Read more

Letter to Trump: 1/25

Resident Trump: Today is your third working day in office, and you are taking incredible and unprecedented steps to consolidate power, stifle dissent and free discourse, and exclude those you consider “the other”. You have taken steps to stop immigration – putting a freeze... Read more

Letters to Trump - 1/24/17 - On Keystone, pipelines, and 7 generations

1/24/17 Resident Trump: Not even two full working days in office, and already condemning your grandchildren to a future of climate catastrophe – pushing through the Keystone XL and the Dakota Access pipelines?! Two pipelines that have been fought tooth and nail by environ... Read more

Letter to Trump: 1/23/17

1/23/17 Resident Trump: So, it begins. Your first order of business, after a press “conference” to issue a false statement claiming that more people attended your inauguration than Barack Obama’s two inaugurations (patently and demonstrably false), is to provoke a new war... Read more