Episode Four

Airs at: Fri, 12/11/2020 at 3:00am - 5:30am
Produced for The Ghost of Hollywood
  On this episode of The Ghost of Hollywood, Poxy and Ragan discuss the 1955 Youth In Revolt film, Blackboard Jungle.               Read more

Between the Covers

Andromeda Romano-Lax on her novel The Spanish Bow. CD-1517 Read more

Northstar Infoshop

Jennifer Kemp talks to Portland's "Northstar Infoshop" a radical bookstore, free school, and events space. CD-1564 Read more

James Lee Burke

James Lee Burke author of the mystery novel, "In the Moon of Red Ponies". A crime novel set in Montana with political overtones. CD-1463 Read more

Spy Novel - Greg Rucka

Greg Rucka, author of "A Gentleman's Game", a modern spy novel set in the English secret services. CD-1464 Read more

'Flynn's World'

Gregory McDonald, "Flynn's World" a mystery novel with snappy dialog and big ideas. McDonald wrote the "Fletch Books". CD-1472 Read more

"Fast Forward: Confessions of a Porn Screenwriter"

Eric Spitznagel, author of "Fast Forward: Confessions of a Porn Screenwriter" talks with KBOO's Ed Goldberg. With dreams of becoming a highly respected screenwriter, Eric Spitznagel moves to Los Angeles. When Hollywood fails to notice him, he settles for the next best thing... Read more

CD-1413 title

Justin Miller interviews Calvin Trillin journalist, humorist, author, poet. CD-1413 Read more

Diana Abu-Jaber on 7/12/2007

Airs at: Thu, 07/12/2007 at 12:00pm
Diana Abu-Jaber novelist on her novel Origin. CD-1438 Read more

Ed Goldberg Interviews Matthew Scott Hansen

Matthew Scott Hansen, author of the "The Shadowkiller" -- a novel of a homicidal bigfoot. CD-1446 Read more