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The Underground: SUPERPOWERS

Airs at: Wed, 05/27/2009 at 6:00pm - 7:00pm
Produced for The Underground
Tonight The Youth Collective discusses SUPER POWERS! We discuss Superpowers that haven’t been invented yet, Real humans with real Superpowers, and how the world is politically structured now with only one superpower. For more information about the Youth Collective, contact ... Read more

Between the Covers on 3/25/09

Airs at: Wed, 03/25/2009 at 5:00pm
Produced for Between The Covers
Host Ed Goldberg speaks with Yiyun Li, author of "A Thousand Years of Good Prayers" and "The Vagrants," her debut novel, which is set in China in the late 1970s. It deals with human frailty and courage. CD-1339     Read more

Theater and Healing: A Conversation with PassinArt Theater Company

Airs at: Wed, 03/25/2009 at 8:00am - 9:00am
Produced for Voices from the Edge
The play's the thing. Theater offers reflections of reality but can it serve as a specific tool in tackling problems? Jo Ann and Dave talk with members of PassinArt: A Theater Company about their production of "A Sunbeam" by award-winning playwright John Henry. This unique ... Read more

Annie Leibovitz Talks about Her Work

Airs at: Wed, 03/11/2009 at 5:00pm
Produced for Between The Covers
Host Jim Schumock interviews Annie Leibovitz about her book "Annie Leibovitz at Work." Leibovitz talks about her work, which spans a period beginning with Richard Nixon's resignation and ends with Barack Obama's Presidential campaign. She talks to Jim about the Rolling Ston... Read more

Don Hertzfeldt on Words & Pictures

Airs at: Wed, 03/11/2009 at 5:00pm
Produced for Words and Pictures
Hosts S.W. Conser and Bill Dodge sit down with Don Hertzfeldt, award-winning filmmaker and co-founder (along with Mike Judge) of the touring festival The Animation Show. A young animator who embraces the pre-digital tools and techniques of the previous century, Don plunges ... Read more

Chris Coleman unveils Portland Center Stage season and talks "Earnest"

Airs at: Tue, 02/24/2009 at 12:00am
Produced for Stage and Studio
Dmae Roberts talks with Chris Coleman, artistic director of Portland Center Stage for the last nine years.   Coleman tells us what he’s most proud of, where PCS is headed and unveils the new season.  He also talks about Oscar Wilde’s “The Importance of Being Earnest” and d... Read more

Between the Cover on 2/23/09

Airs at: Mon, 02/23/2009 at 4:00pm
Produced for Between The Covers
Host Ed Goldberg interviews M. Thomas Cooper, author of "42," a novel set in Portland about a man's missing family and his slow descent into madness. CD-1350 Read more

Radiozine on 02/12/09

Airs at: Thu, 02/12/2009 at 4:00pm - 4:30pm
Produced for Radiozine
Host Ed Goldberg interviews Jonah Lehrer, author of "How We Decide," a study of the human brain in the process of decision making. CD-1322 Read more

Between the Covers on 2/09/09

Airs at: Mon, 02/09/2009 at 4:00pm
Produced for Between The Covers
Host Ed Goldberg interviews Laura Lippman, author of "Another Thing to Fall," a novel of murder on a TV shoot in Baltimore. CD-1500 Read more

Black History Month Musings

Airs at: Mon, 02/02/2009 at 4:00pm
Produced for Black Book Talk
Co-hosts Hosts Emma Ford and Patricia Welch share books and Black History Month local activities .  Also discuss the significance of this month to African-Americans.  Read more