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The KBOO Studio is back open! Reach out to us to make an appointment 

Call our office at (503)231-8032 or email your staff contact

Craig Burk hosts Italian Hour, September 2, 2007

Craig Burk hosts the Italian Hour, September 2, 2007 I was guest host on the Italian Hour on September 2, 2007.  To see my  playlist, click here During his program, I singled out the great singer-songwriter Fabrizio De Andre for special praise. To learn more about this legen... Read more

Five Minutes Sweetness

                                          Five minutes sweetness                              An hour poked in the eye---                                   Ahh-- Television!                      B.L.                                                                           ... Read more

Ubu Hour Blog

Ubu Weblog  Okay, so this is a blog... This is the Ubu Hour weblog. I've never done a blog before and I really don't know what I'm doing here or why I'm doing this.  Maybe to try and generate some kind of discussion on radio theater, and to announce what will be coming up on... Read more

Youth Collective on the air Wednesday August 22nd

Our show is about the End of Summer... we'll talk about leaving Portland to go to college, the things that didn't happen to us this summer (West Nile Virus, getting fired, etc.) and the things that did (broken bones, working, zine camp), and community profiles of the Pionee... Read more

The Revolution Will Not Be Funded

Wednesday August 15th Circle A Radio focuses on the concept "The Revolution will not be funded". We speak with Amara Perez, (the former Executive Director of Sisters in Action for Power, currently involved with happyours more information at Read more

Remix? Rap? It all goes back to Jamaica!

King Tubby (born Osbourne Ruddock, 1941-89) was a Jamaican audio engineer. He got his start by running a sound system that blasted out the latest rock steady hits at rough-and-tumble street dances in late 60s Kingston.  After he took on a second job as disc cutter at Treasur... Read more