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#SupportKBOO & Get Tickets to a Show!

Call in with your pledge of support for KBOO at 877-500-5266 and we'll reward you with tickets to an upcoming show! Here's a partial list of what we have available for KBOO members who call in before 2/15/20: Genre Event Date Time... Read more

Serin Bussell Interview

Produced for Between Us
Serin Bussell is a Democrat running for the Oregon House seat in District 33.  She talked with Don Merrill about her intolerance of intolerance, how she as a prograssive white woman finds dealing with fake woke progressives as being one of her biggest challenges and how she... Read more

Theater For Change

Produced for Radiozine
Suzanne LaGrande interviews writer, educator and artistic director and founder of the Corrib theater. In the interview, Gemma discusses immigrating from Ireland to study theater in the Bay Area, being one of the few women theater directing students at UC Berkeley, why she f... Read more

How to Understand and Report the News in Your Community

Produced for Radiozine
Suzanne LaGrande speaks with journalist, writer, media educator Lisa Loving about her recently published book, Street Journalist:Understand and Report the News in Your Community. In the interview Lisa talks about her career in grassroots journalism, the future of journalism... Read more

The Radical Pleasurist

 Available on the web: Suzanne LaGrande speaks with coach, facilitator and self described “radical pleasurist,” about her mission to increase pleasure in her life and in the lives of those in her community. She discusses her journey from people pleasure to radical pleasuris... Read more

The Pleasure Gap: American Women and the Unfinished Revolution

Produced for Radiozine
  Today on Radiozine Suzanne LaGrande interviews researcher, editor and writer Katherine Rowland who has just published The Pleasure Gap: American Women and the Unfinished Sexual Revolution. Although American culture is more sexually liberal than ever, millions of American... Read more