Our friends in Puerto Rico Need Our Help


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Puerto Rico Humanitarian Disaster
Published date: 
Wednesday, October 11, 2017 - 11:15am

Hurricane Maria hit the island of Puerto Rico hard - and despite the fact that it's a US Territory filled with US citizens, the Trump administration has been slow to take action to help.

Instead, hundreds of thousands of people remain stranded without communication, food or clean drinking water, weeks after the hurricane swept through.

Here is some of the coverage KBOO has done to raise awareness:

9/28/17 Evening News Report: Puerto Rico Still Without Power, Country's Power Company Deep in Debt

10/17/17 Evening News Report: Local Group to Deliver Aid to Puerto Rico--Event this Saturday

10/20/17 Mutual Aid Disaster Relief - Houston, Mexico and Puerto Rico

Several grassroots initiatives have been organized to get aid and support to our compañer@s in Puerto Rico.

#PRonthemap - organized by former Green Party vice presidential candidate and hip hop activist Rosa Clemente

Mutual Aid Disaster Relief is organizing teams bringing solar water purification and electric power systems, as well as medical supplies and communication equipment. You can go to their wishlist on Amazon and purchase items from there to send to their address in Miami, where they will transport it to Puerto Rico.

 The National Association of Hispanic Journalists has launched the Puerto Rico Emergency Communications Access and Journalism Initiative (PRECAJI) in response to the humanitarian crisis impacting the Puerto Rican people, NAHJ Puerto Rican based members and members in the U.S. with strong ties to the island. The PRECAJI is inclusive of a crowd funding campaign and a task force that will increase communications access for local journalists and help promote storytelling that will bridge the gap of information between the continental U.S. and Puerto Rico.

We urge our friends and listeners to support these grassroots efforts in Puerto Rico!!