List of KBOO Hosts and Staff

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Suzanne LaGrande

I am a writer, editor and teacher. I produce and host Writers on Craft, a show about writing and the creative process. I am also a producer and host for Between The Covers and a contributor to The Digital Divide. Read more


Produced for Rhythm Jam
Host of Rhythm Jam Read more

Tabitha Teo

Produced for Pacific Underground
co host of Pacific Underground Read more


Produced for The Melting Pot
TAKIMBA has been in/on Radio for over a decade and Djing for longer. Spending most of his free time traveling the globe & collecting audio gems along the way he has assembled one of the most eclectic collections ever known. KBOO is one of the last places where WE can still ... Read more

Tal Caspi

Co-host of the Food Show Read more

Tania Gomezdaza

Produced for Buscando America
Mexican Photojournalist who found KBOO and now thinks Portland is the best place to live. Read more

Tave Fasce Drake

Produced for Peace, Love and Soup
Podcast Co-Host - Peace, Love and Soup Program Blog Lead Singer - Gerle Haggard Band Engineer - KBOO Portland 90.7fm   Interpreter - OMSI, Oregon Museum of Science and Industry Artist, ... Read more


Produced for The Bike Show
Co-Host of The Bike Show Read more

Temple Lentz

Produced for Hello Vancouver
Host of Hello Vancouver Read more

Teresa Kozic

Produced for Shocks of Sheba
Host of Shocks of Sheba Read more

Terry Campbell

Produced for The Bike Show
Co-host of the KBOO Bike Show. Read more

Tessa Dudley

Produced for Bread and Roses
Member of Bread and Roses collective Read more

Test Programmer

I love all tetrapods. What's better than a turtle shell? Both modern turtles (Testudines) and many of their extinct, shelled relatives (stem-turtles) are cool with me... as well as tortoises. This informs my radio work.  I'm a big fan of PDX BioLogic Read more

Tevin Tavares

Host and Producer of Combined Culture Radio Read more

The Final Straw Radio

The Final Straw Radio is a weekly, anarchist radio show based out of Asheville, NC. Its hosts, Bursts and William, work to bring listeners: timely info; insights from folks in struggle against injustice and for autonomy; thoughts and expressions from artists and authors wor... Read more

The Incredible Kid Read more

The Seamstress of Sound

Available for booking. On Facebook @ Read more


Produced for Presswatch
I'm an anti-imperialist, anarcho-socialist transgender sort of gal. PressWatch began on KAZI Austin in 1986, as an attempt to stoke the fires of revolution with counterpropaganda and "the news you're not supposed to know." Expect a radical analysis, and information culled f... Read more

Thom Becker

Produced for Old Mole Variety Hour
Co-host of the Old Mole Variety Hour Read more

Thrash Mike

Produced for Heavy Metal Vomit Party
Host of Heavy Metal Vomit Party Read more


Produced for Labor Radio
Tim is a writer, editor, and former publicist for the American Federation of Teachers local 2277. (PCCFFAC/AFL-CIO) Tim taught at Portland Community College for three years. He served on the steering committee for Portland Jobs with Justice and as co-host with Lane Poncy on... Read more

Timur Holove

Produced for Muzafon
Host of Muzafon Read more

Tina Turner-Morfitt

Produced for Labor Radio
Co-Host of Labor Radio Read more


Produced for Sudden Radio Project
Host of Sudden Radio Project Read more

Tom Flynn

Host of the weekly series DI Squared Read more

Tom Hood

Thomas Hood has been involved in music and sound recording since childhood, when he was exposed to making audio recordings on a wire recorder in the mid 50’s. Now a multi-instrumentalist playing acoustic 6 and 12 string guitars, electric guitars, basses and keyboards, he is... Read more

Tom Wendt

Produced for Blues Junction
Host of Blues Junction Read more

Tony Frio

Produced for Them Young Hooligans
Former Host of Them Young Hooligans Read more

Top Dolla

Produced for MegaWave Radio
Host of Megawave Radio - every Friday from 3 - 5:30 am Read more

Tori Bortman

Produced for The Bike Show
Host of The Bike Show Read more

Trillium Shannon

Produced for Circle A Radio
Co-Host of Circle A Radio Read more


Produced for Plugged In
I am the host of the Plugged In show, I am on the air the 1st and 3rd Friday of each month from 10pm - 12am. I also run the Dancefloor Mayhem website - Read more

Tsadae Abeba Neway

Produced for Hard Knock Radio
Co-Host of Hard Knock Radio Read more


Produced for Say It Outloud
Host of What's Life Without Laughter Read more


Produced for Poetic License
Host of Poetic License Read more


Produced for Puppet Radio Theatre
Host of Radio Puppet Theatre Read more


Produced for I Love This Place PDX
Host of podcast I Love This Place Read more

Upside Downtrodden

We are Scott Mullin and Sean Namanny. We are here to change the world. We are Upside Downtrodden. Our mission is to engage people to think critically, feel deeply, and ask questions. Doing so has the capacity to inspire healthy relationships between humans, nonhumans, and ... Read more

Vicky Mazzone

Produced for The Politics of Living
 VP of Digital Media for TPOL Read more


Produced for Swing 'n' Country
I host Swing 'n' Country on 5th Saturdays. I used to do the Portland Resistance Calendar blogcast. I guest- & substitute host for other programs as needed.  Read more

Wade Hockett

Produced for The Noontime Jamboree
Co-Host of The Noontime Jamboree Read more