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To ethically unearth abuse of power and betrayals of the publics trust concerning business, government, organizations or any other institutions, where ever they exist by using the tools of fair reporting and investigative journalism to hold those manipulating or inverting liberation and power for their own gain accountable, through the consistent spotlighting of these disparities.   

The KBOO Evening News is a free-press, independent, primarily volunteer driven, written and produced broadcast, the only paid staff in the department being the Director of Evening News and Public Affairs. We are a core team of about twenty volunteers with several other dedicated volunteer contributers that brings our team to close to forty people. We are small but mighty. Unlike advertising supported public or mainstream communications companies, KBOO News and Public Affairs is part of America’s oldest, trusted, volunteer powered, non profit radio station:  KBOO Community Radio. Except for underwriting and grants, Kboo Evening News and Public Affairs is financially supported only by KBOO’s members.

Our broadcasts cover issues such as government, politics, public policy, police over sight, homelessness, healthcare, business, education, immigration, environment, criminal justice, science, technology, art and culture. We hold reports, investigative projects, analysis and commentary, summaries, features and indepths that focus on potentially igniting real change in the world for everyone’s betterment. The KBOO Evening News and Public Affairs works for positive, tangible transformation. Reports from our team have reversed detrimental policies and practices in government and business deals, held leaders accountable and supported public discourse and freedom of information.

KBOO News specifically has won awards for its coverage of local and national news over the last several decades and this year formed an Investigative Team dedicated to the time, resources and meticulousness this form of deep reporting requires. The KBOO News Investigative Team is a small group  individuals obsessed with uncovering the truth one grain at a time regardless of how long it might take.

Kboo Evening news and public affairs was founded a few years after KBOO Community radio first broadcasted to the Portland, Oregon area close to 50 years ago back in 1978. Both are committed to the voice of the people, by the people.


KBOO is YOUR community radio station, and you can participate

What can I do in the news department?:
o    KBOO provides free trainings for volunteers. 
o    Train as a radio news reporter/ producer/ researcher. Learn writing for radio, reporting, digital audio editing, interviewing techniques, voicing technique, producing radio news & features (including in-house and field recording techniques, audio selection).
o    Be part of the news team, and learn all parts of the news production process.
o    Prepare reports and projects for broadcast on the KBOO News

KBOO has ten paid employees and over 400 volunteers.  News volunteers work with many other volunteers and staff members. The schedule is somewhat flexible (morning or afternoon hours), but please note that the main production timeline for Evening News is from 10 am -4 pm each weekday.

We don’t have prerequisites, but a passion for news and current events is a plus!

Email: or call 503-231-8032 ext. 203 to get involved today!