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 Suggested Reading for more information about Cambodia Soul Survivors: Stories of Women and Children in Cambodia by Bhavia C. Wagner (new edition available in May 2008) The Price We Paid by Vatey Seng   When Broken Glass Floats by Chanrithy Him A History of Cambodia by David Chandler Brother Number One - A Political Biography of Pol Pot by David Chandler Voices from S-21:Terror and History in Pol Pot's Secret Prison by David Chandler Sideshow: Kissinger, Nixon and the Destruction of Cambodia by William Shawcross Quality of Mercy: Cambodia, Holocaust, and the Modern Conscience by William Shawcross Punishing the Poor:  The International Isolation of Kampuchea by Eva Mysliwiec Step by Step by Maha Ghosanada War of the Mines: Cambodia, Landmines, and the Impoverishment of a Nation by Paul Davies To Contact the Cambodian-American Community of Oregon, go to Polo can be reached through the Asian Reporter, free at many locations locally, or at To learn more about Friendship with Cambodia, it’s projects and history, or to Contact Bhavia Wagner, go to   To learn more about the Khmer Rouge and the Cambodian Genocide, go to , the Documentation Center of Cambodia. It has been at the forefront of documenting the crimes and atrocities of the Khmer Rouge era, or to www.yale,edu/cgp, which  is the website for the Cambodian Genocide study program at Yale University.  

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