Missing You Already: Bye Jamilah and Gordon!

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Wednesday, August 2, 2017 - 9:30pm
Losting good DJs is one of my least favorite parts of the job, and here we are in August, losing two genius DJs.
Jamilah, Bourdon -that is, has been a DJ at KBOO since 2006 hosting Guess Who's Coming to Radio and a lot of other programs as subs and guest. She's been a community treasure from the minute she arrived, and Portland will be a lesser place without her. Jamilah's favorite thing about her time at KBOO has been " that as a programmer, it assisted me in maturing and developing my speaking voice (i got a lot of practice in those 11 years!!!).  As a member: It's a space to give a variety of voices attention to.  It's a community resource."
Jamilah is moving with plans to get podcasting equipemnt so she can still connect with KBOO, or "if a community radio station  on the East Coast will have me...  YUP! " 
Gordon Ashworth, AKA DJ Golden Wilson has been a member of the KBOO On-Air community for a shorter period of time. We were roommates when he started, in 2014, when I was leaving the house to sub an African show. "WHat?!" he's totally into African music, and so I ended up traiing hime and suprevising the guest DJ. Gorden then went through the training program here, and became one of the regualr DJs on Africa Oye.  I've learned so much about African music from DJ Golden Wilson, and again, Portlands loss.
Take care friends, you always have a home at KBOO.
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