Why is Noam Chomsky's name so frequent in our archives metadata?

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Wednesday, October 5, 2016 - 11:45am


In the audio archives, we can only search for information what we know.


Hello KBOO Community!

I have been learning about the holdings in the KBOO analog audio archives for a couple months now and you may or may not know that we need knowledge contributions from ~YOU: the collective wisdom!~ to help us know what we have.

I am reviewing news and public affairs programming that was recorded on physical formats prior to our fancy auto-archiving website was born. 

What is complete:

---inventory numbering of news and public affairs items/episodes... with some other special items like promos or membership drive compliations.

What is not complete:

---Dates, episode titles, contributor names for all items, descriptions, or topic terms for all items

Some items don't have many notes on their cases. Incomplete documentation in the past may be the result of lack of time or institutional knowledge. In the example image, you can see how knowing what is on the tape would be difficult to ascertain for a volunteer or staff!

So why is Noam Chomsky's name so frequent (108 times) in our archives data? Mostly because we are missing important name information for all the other 7000+ items.

Click on the black font titles in the link below to see some more items that need to be rescued from obscurity, and email me at selena@kboo.org if you want to get involved in the archive project!


If you have information relating to these items, i.e. know the host name, program name, approximate date, please enter it as a reply on the page specific to the item. We require an email so we don't get spam.