Help KBOO Continue our work with a Year End Donation


KBOO is open to the public! To visit the station, contact your staff person or call 503-231-8032.

Help KBOO continue to broadcast stories of justice, freedom, truth, love, beauty and joy!
Thanks to our members, KBOO is off to a great start for a new year of exciting, vital radio!  Thanks for helping to protect and strengthen one of the few strong independent media sources in the region, even the nation!  Support KBOO with a year end donation!

With community support, KBOO broadcasts controversial, uncensored, in-depth reporting on scores of topics you will not hear mentioned elsewhere on the dial.  Because of your support, KBOO connects hundreds of community organizations working to protect our health, environment and rights.  Further, KBOO promotes events and actions which daily enrich and impact our lives.

KBOO's studios regularly showcase live, local music.  KBOO's voice is multi-cultural and diverse.  KBOO news brings you in-depth coverage on local, regional and national concerns.  
And KBOO still provides free radio production training to hundreds of folks annually.

In addition to our regional broadcast, our online streaming audience continues to grow.  Our website receives thousands of weekly hits and we receive letters from all over the globe, thanking us for providing independent radio where none exists.

As you may know, it has been a challenging year for KBOO. And it is a challenging environment for independent radio media, much of which has been assimilated across the nation into corporate media conglomerates.

Yet KBOO remains committed to being your source for volunteer-driven, independent, un-imbedded, non-commercial radio.   We do it all on a shoe-string budget, through hard times and good times.  After 45 years, how do we continue to provide provocative, intelligent, creative, empowering radio?

You.  You are the community of KBOO Community Radio.  Please give generously as we move forward together to support thousands of hours of independent radio in 2014.

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