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Hi Listeners and Members-

KBOO has decided to change how listeners and members can post on the website. Due to the number of anonymous posts that did not meet our "Community Guidelines", which can be found here, http://kboo.fm/terms_of_use. We have changed it so that a person must be registered with the website in order to post, no more anonymous posts. We hope that this will cut down on the number of comments that have not met our standards of community.

I hope everyone that has been so vocal on our website will continue to do so but while registered and not anonymously. To register click here.

If you have any questions please feel free to call me at the station.


Sun Lee

KBOO Development Director

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<p>I have sent your suggestions to our web developer to see if we can address your concerns.</p>
<p>Sun Lee</p>
<p>KBOO&nbsp;Development Director</p>

Rich's picture

<p>Seems to be working now. </p>
<p>I am logged in and stay logged in unless I log out manually.</p>
<p>Thanks so much. No doubt this will help ease some folk's frustrations when posting, commenting.</p>

Alicia Olson's picture

<p>Thanks ya'll for getting this seen to, and making this site a bit more user-friendly!</p>

<p>Of course. Please send any suggestions my way and we'll see what can be done about it.</p>

Rich's picture

<p>...sign up, etc.</p>
<p>I think the bulk of anonymous comments might be due to it being somewhat difficult to sign up and log in.</p>
<p>You have to make it somewhat easy for people or they're not likely to do it. I&nbsp;can understand having to go to a log-in only setup, probably due to abusive language or troll-age, but this can also open KBOO up to unwarranted accusations of censorship or suppression of open discourse.</p>
<p>Also, and I'm not sure if other folks are experiencing this, the KBOO site doesn't keep you logged in. It would be handy if you could check a box to remain logged in each time you visit.</p>
<p>I think if you streamline the login/signup process, you'll get more people using the site under their user names. Now, cutting back on trollage and other abusive behavior, that's a whole 'nother challenge.</p>

Just checking to see if I have successfully adjusted my password and I'm now able to contribute questions and comments.

I am still getting used to the new website. It's inscrutable, to some extend. The last one was very straighforward.

I think there should be a full screen for the sake of desktop users. For starters, listening on a larger device is typically far superior sound quality than the sound on a mobile phone!

Who was our guest DJ today? Will he be back every fourth Thursday? He was charming and loved his playlist.