Open House at KBOO: See How We Broadcast Off Site

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Open House at KBOO! Come see our Live Broadcasting Technology in Person!

We will be broadcasting many festivals and events live from the community this summer, and we decided to have an Open House at KBOO to give the community an opportunity to see the equipment and production set up.This TUESDAY, June 7th, from 5 - 8pm, we will be broadcasting from the Lobby to a Production studio at KBOO. Please come if you're interested in volunteering for Live Remotes, if you're curious about how it works, or if you just want a peek  in on some of the exciting new happenings down here!

Come see how we make the radio magic happen.

Hosted by Chief Engineer Tom Hood, and Training Coordinator Erin Yanke.

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Howdy all--
I'd love to have a pass...I've paid some dues AND ReGeneration is my OFFICIAL 40th bday campout...

There's at least a dozen artists on the line up which I've given my unwavering love and support in one or more of these ways:

  • As a promoter I've brought to them to Portland myself and thrown shows
  • I've booked them in line-ups for other peoples shows
  • I've promoted multiple festivals with many of these folks in the lineups.
  • Been asked to promote specific shows by the artists themselves
  • Hooked up the artists with other gigs in PDX and other cities.