2011 Illahee Lectures Searching for Solutions: Innovation for Public Good


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illahee lecture series

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2011 Illahee Lectures
Searching for Solutions: Innovation for Public Good
Solving today's "wicked problems" will require new approaches.  We'll need to innovate.  But what exactly is innovation?  When is it useful, trivial, destructive? And how can we tell? What conditions foster or enable innovation? How do innovative ideas move from inspiration to initial implementation to wide-spread diffusion? Furthermore, even with all the good ideas and practices out there, how do we get organizations to embrace innovative solutions at the rapid rate we'll need to avoid hitting environmental and energy walls? (Purchase Passes)


Social Innovation

Elinor Ostrom
August 31,2011
Elinor OstromA 2009 Nobel Prize Winner in Economics, Elinor Ostrom has done ground-breaking analysis of economic governance, especially of common pool resources, emphasizing how humans interact with ecosystems to maintain long-term sustainable resource yields. Among her numerous publications are Governing the Commons: The Evolution of Institutions for Collective Action, Foundations of Social Capital, and Institutions, Ecosystems and Sustainability. Ostrom is Distinguished Professor, Indiana University. More about Elinor Ostrom here and here.

Unless otherwise noted, all lectures begin at 7 PM at the First Congregational Church, 1126 SW Park Avenue in Portland.


The Illahee Lecture Series began in 1999 and has hosted over 100 nationally and internationally known speakers. The lectures provide a forum for science-based, policy-relevant environmental inquiry. Please visit our archives page for more information about our past lectures.
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