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KBOO Mural Photos provided by KMF ILLUSTRATION. Thank you everyone who helped paint the mural!

Artist Kevin Fitzpatrick worked with RACC and close to 60 community and staff volunteers on the KBOO Community Radio mural project. The mural adds color, energy and style to the building and the street.  Swing by on bike, foot or vehicle, check out the mural and visit KBOO! 

View the pictures of the mural painting!

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<p>This is a great staff photo for last summer!</p>
<p>From the left, is Justin Miller (Underwriting), Debbie Rabidue (Finance), Sun Lee (Development), Chris Merrick (Programming), John Mackey (Engineering), Ani Haines (Volunteers), Dan Gurin (Web), and Andrew Geller (Membership).</p>
<p>I love the <a href="http://kboo.fm/node/27995">video doc</a>, too!</p>

kevinfitz's picture

<p>*that's me in the red shirt.. kevin fitzpatrick.&nbsp; I did design the web site, however I'm not the web coordinator.&nbsp; I'm glad all of these people were available at a board meeting to snap this.</p>

<p>I'm sorry, Kevin -- I&nbsp;don't know what you or Dan Gurin look like. Except, I guess I do have an idea of what you look like now. :) Sorry.</p>
<p>I wrote the comment and then didn't "save" it immediately, in the hopes of catching my colleagues coming out of a meeting, so I&nbsp;could find out for sure who the guy with the red shirt was. Except, I think my colleagues went directly from the meeting to the annex or something...</p>
<p>Anyways, my bad.</p>