2nd Seattle Latino Film Festival

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Seattle Latin Film

KBOO is a proud media sponsor for the 2nd Seattle Latino Film Festival

The 2nd Seattle Latino Film Festival pays homage to contemporary Mexican cinema, showing the richness and diversity within the Spanish-speaking communities around the world. Join us in a cultural experience viewed through the art of film.

October 1, 2 & 3 at the SIFF Cinema at McCaw Hall in Seattle Center.

In addition to these screenings, the Seattle Latino Film Festival presents two free screenings at the University of Washington on Monday, October 4 and Tuesday,    October 5. Click here for more information



All regular screenings will be seen at the

SIFF Cinema at McCaw Hall in Seattle Center.

Friday, October 1st

Opening Night

7:30 PM

Viaje Redondo (Round Trip, Mexico, 2009) 102 min.

Saturday, October 2nd

12:00 PM

Hijos de Cuba (Sons of Cuba, UK, 2009) 88 min.

2:00 PM

Dawson, Isla 10 (Dawson, Island 10, Chile, 2009) 117 min.

4:30 PM

Agua Fría de Mar (Cold water of the sea, Costa Rica, France, Spain,

Netherland, Mexico, 2009) 80 min.

7:30 PM

Tribute to León Ichaso

Will be introduced by a video made, for this purpose,

by actor Benjamin Bratt.

Paraiso (Paradise, USA, 2009) 100 min.

Special Guest León Ichaso, Presenting

9:45 PM

Después del Almuerzo (After lunch, Brazil, 2009) 13 min.

10:10 PM

Quanto Dura o Amor? (How Long Does Love Last?, Brazil, 2009) 82 min.

Sunday, October 3rd

1:00 PM

Visa al Paraiso (Visa to Paradise, Mexico, 2010) 110 min.

Special Guest Lillian Liberman presenting

4:00 PM

Cortos in the Afternoon (Afternoon Short Films)

Ana y Mateo (Argentina, 2009) 16 min.

Jesus TV (Venezuela, 2009) 26 min.

Tijuaneros (Citizens of Tijuana, Mexico, 2009) 20 min.

5:10 PM

Tiempo de Leyenda (Time of Legends, Spain, 2009) 55 min.

7:30 PM

Del Amor y Otros Demonios (Of Love and Other Demons, Costa

Rica/Colombia, 2009) 97 min.

9:30 PM

Closing Night Reception

La Taberna del Albardero (Sponsored by Iberia Airlines)

Two special FREE screenings and reception at the UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON


Monday, October 4th

4:30 PM

No Son Invisibles: Mujeres Mayas & Microfinances (New Version)

(They Aren’t Invisible: Maya Women and Microfinances, USA, 2008) 45 min.

Special Guest Melissa Edison, Presenting

Communications Building, Room 120

6:30 PM

Free Screening Reception

(Communications Building, Room 202)

Tuesday, October 5th

4:30 PM

Eyes Wide Open (Uruguay, Argentina, France, 2009) 110 min.

Communications Building, Room 120

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