GRAINTABLE performing live on DR.J's MELTING POT

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Live Video Performance by GRAINTABLE


Hes been lighting up the Westcoast with his blend of electronic superfudge. Catch up with him about the new Chip Chop release, a few Portland shows and find out what goes on in the mind of the sonic scientist. It all starts at 8pm on Portlands own 90.7fm KBOO.

Emerging on the experimental electronic music scene in 2008, Graintable is quickly making a name for himself with melodically mutated hip hop beats and bass heavy bangers. Busting out MPC-style sample bashing live sets, Graintable creates heavy grooves laden with high energy sound scapes that will keep repeating in your head for days. Graintable released his first track on RUNRIOT’s Motion Sickness compilation in ‘09 and is currently working on more synthed out brain stomping tracks to rip through portable music boxes and dance floors in 2010.

GRAINTABLE “Birdbath” download or stream here                

"This guy is throwin together some real ill head-nod musak for yas. Glitch Hop, Turbo Crunk, Street Bass, whatever you like to call it, the instrumentals coming from this guy is straight G so you might wanna light a spliff for these." - Bwomp Beats

"Jams that make you get down like some future sweaty tribal shaman. No lyrics to help connect to people, no special gimmicks, just some of the best music I’ve heard." - Renegade Mag

"A must for any glitch hop fans, not necessarily those seeking pure dancefloor bangers (though listening to the mix you will definitely have your share of head swinging), but those appreciating the quality of music coming from this eclectic scene full of creativity and raw energy." - Doktor Krank

"He's carving out a nice niche for himself in Portland, OR, and we see big things for him in the future. He rocks that CrUnkBAssGlITch sound, but it's his own brand, a little slowed down, and frankly way more our speed than a lot of the fools doing this right now." - The Beat Register