Aristeo: Electronic Music from Nogales, 1980. Very Rare!

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Cassette tapes fron the late 70's. early 80's.

This month, on La Ruleta we'll be playing music by ARISTEO (Heriberto Montes de Oca), who is a musician from Nogales, Sonora.

In the late 1970's, early 1980's he put out a limited edition series of home made cassette tapes, recorded in Nogales, Arizona, wich are obviously vary hard to find.

My good friend Arturo Castillo, from Mexico City was fortunate to find them, and he amicably put them on digital format and sent CD's to me of the recordings.

I don't know whether they have been played on the radio before, but I would certainly consider Aristeo to be an impotant figure of  Electronic Music in the World.

Hope you enjoy!


Hoy, en LA Ruleta, estaremos escuchando musica de ARISTEO (Heriberto Montes de Oca), musico de Nogales, Sonora, que a finales de los 70's, principios de los 80's saco una serie de cassettes caseros de musica electronica. Obviamente, estas grabaciones son muy dificiles de encontrar, pero mi amigo Arturo Castillo del D.F. los encontro y los paso a formato digital, mandandomelos en CD.

No se si hayan sido tocadas en la radio anteriormente, pero independientemente o no, Aristeo es un musico importante en el ambito de la musica electronica mundial.

Espero puedan escucharlo!