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I'd like to thank everyone who contributed to the show on Monday, May 4. Our goal was $800 and we got around $560, whgich is pretty darn good. And the nicest thing happened.  The theme for the program was "Live Country Preformances", featuting stuff from the Grand Old Opry, The Lousiana Hayride, live shows and radio broadcasts.  When I came in the station, there was a guy waiting for me.  He was, Mark Miller, bass player for Chuck Mead and his  Grassy Knole Boys.  Chuck is the longtime frontman for BR5-49, and was on tour with the group.  They'd played at the Roseland Grill, Sunday night, but were stuck in the Jupiter Hotel, which is wrapped around the KBOO sutdios, while their van was getting a transmissionectomy.  Somehow, they heard there was a country show on Monday, and volounteered to come by and play.  It fit in perfectly with our "live music" theme, and luckily, Studion 2, next to the air room, was open and set up with mics.  One of the guys who was pitching, sorry I can't remember his name, knew the room and engineered for me, and the show was on!  Chuck and the Boys were great, and gave us 5 or 6 tunes and helped with the pitching. It was really fun and I hope listeners enjoyed it half as much as I did. That darn KBOO, you never know what it going to happen. Best, to All, Wade