Movie Talk: Links of Interest – reviews of WHITEOUT and JENNIFER'S BODY

 Here is a link to my review of two recent thrillers, the comic book adaptation Whiteout and the new Diabolo Cody film, Jennifer's Body

Mark Menjivar at Ampersand

Mark menjivar has a show of photographs at Ampersand Vintage. Listen to the interview here.

KBOO's Website Reborn


KBOO is very happy to be bringing you a fully redesigned website.  We've been gathering feedback among website visitors, our listeners, our supporting members, and faithful volunteers on what we can bring to our online audience.  Please read on for all the exciting changes you'll see appear over the next few days.

Good Cats, showing tonight at NWFC


Good Cats

Dir: Ying Liang

Reframing debate: bumper sticker zingers


Sept 24 Press**Watch

The reactionaries in this country have long had a habit of creating simple sound bites to cover up complex issues.  These minimal memes are easy to remember and much easier than thinking issues out, so naturally they work for the business of herding people around.  The Left has long resented this practice, even as we see time and again that the practice works.  For example, the Right doesn't have to bother stating their desire to control women by forcing them to carry babies against their will--they just say "abortion kills babies" and let the lie work its magic.  The equation of a fertilized egg with a cute little baby might be unfair to honest debate, but they aren't interested in honest debate, they want mind control. 

Free novel -length satire "JEEZUS!"



It's the story of two women and their macaw friend, trying to make sense of what at first appears to be the Christian Apocalypse.  As it turns out, however, space bunnies are involved.  It's a parody of the famous Left Behind series that the fundamentalists have made a zillion-dollar industry of.  Or anyway, it starts off being a parody, but really, the Left Behind plot is too boring to follow exactly, so--well, you'll see.




Jeezus! (Revised Standard Version)



A Tribute to KBOO Engineer & Programmer Jim Braun


I knew Jim Braun at KBOO for twenty years,  over which time I occasionally asked him to engineer a show for me.  He was always willing, and always  modest and self-effacing.  I only got to know Jim personally in the year before he died,  and I came to feel that he had taken a very bad lot in life--  being abandoned with his sister to a bleak orphanage, then losing his beloved sister when she died at an early age-- and turned it into sweet modesty and concern for his fellow beings.


Reviews of "Jennifer's Body," "The Informant," and "The Baader-Meinhoff Complex."


Jennifer’s Body
Director: Karyn Kusama
With: Amanda Seyfried, Megan Fox, Johnny Simmons, J.K. Simmons

Megan Fox (Jennifer) tells us she wants to be taken seriously.  So far, she has been scantily-clad eye candy in the Transformer movies.  So, she hitched her wagon to screenwriter Diablo Cody.
Cody is on the Young Hollywood A-List.  She has an Oscar for Juno, a column in Entertainment Weekly, tattoos and way-cool BFFs.
As much as I liked Juno, I felt that the script was a little too smart for its own good.  Was Juno, a high school girl, really that witty and self-aware?  I guess it could happen...

In the future....

I hope to start blogging about various local and national music topics soon.   

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