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Fri, 10/18/2019 - 12:00am to 3:00am
1979 Retrospective

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After over FIVE years I finally get to have my good brother Raven du Monde on air to share some of his fantastic musical selections!

Here’s what he’s gonna bring to the air waves for your listening pleasure:

“Ah 1979, to celebrate this 40th Anniversary I ask Was it the best year ever for music?
Yes? No?? Maybe???

In this 1979 retrospective show I will state my case that I strongly feel 1979 was the most influential year in music history. It was before the influence of M TV, Vinyl was the #1 medium, FM and College Radio were where one would tune in late night to catch new music. It was the dawn of the mix tape. 40 years ago music was at an important cross roads where anything was possible, with a little something available for everyone.

You had the Classic Rockers going strong producing classic albums (Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Who, The Rolling Stones), 70’s Rockers (Van Halen, Styxx, Fleetwood Mac, AC⚡️DC, Cheap Trick, The Police, Kiss, Journey, Rush, Queen) producing seminal albums.

You had the death rattle of Disco at the top of the Charts (listen up for music that is still widely sampled today). British and American Punk (the Clash, Gang of Four , The Ramones, Dead Kennedy,s). Nu Wave was emerging (Gary Numan, Devo, Blondie). Alternative pioneers (Joy Division, the Cure, B52,s, The Talking Heads). U2 started producing Boy. Def Leppard and the Scorpions were going full metal throttle.

The strictly solo careers of Prince and Michael Jackson began. Even Country didn’t suck, they had some classic great additions (Waylon and Willie, Kenny Rogers, Charlie Daniels Band) charting.

Hall of Fame Worthy Solo artists Joan Jett, Peter Gabriel, Rod Stewart, Pat Benetar, Patti Smith, Tom Petty produced some of their best work.

Rap and Hip Hop burst on the scene (Kurtis Blow, Sugarhill Gang, and Grandmaster Flash) still define a genre. Reggae and Ska swept the dance halls.

There are sad songs, Jazz Songs, cheesy songs, Iconic Movie Soundtracks, one hit wonders, Elevator classics and many more that if you tune in?!

Should have you up singing and dancing along as I make the case for 1979!

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ra·​ven / rā-vən

Definition of Raven

Raven noun
1 : A large, glossy-black bird (Corvus corax) that is widely distributed in northern parts of the northern hemisphere but now rare in most areas of the eastern and central U.S. and that differs from the closely related common crow chiefly in its larger size and wedge-shaped tail and in having the feathers of the throat narrow and pointed resulting in a shaggy appearance
also : any of various usually large and glossy black, corvine birds

Raven adjective
2 : Shiny and black like a Raven's feathers, Raven hair

Raven verb

rav·​en | \ ˈra-vən \
ravened; ravening\ ˈra-​və-​niŋ , ˈrav-​niŋ \
intransitive verb
1 : to feed greedily
2 : to prowl for food : PREY
transitive verb
1 : to devour greedily

"The Raven" is a classic narrative poem by Edgar Allen Poe



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