At what point will it be an "Uninhabitable Earth"?? Journalist Robert Hunziker discusses the controversial 'New York' magazine article


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Wed, 07/19/2017 - 8:00am to 9:00am
Debate rages over climate change "worst case scenarios" and how best to talk about them publicly


Opening song: "To Be or Not To Be?" by Danbert Nobacon and The Axis of Dissent: 

A recent article by David Wallace-Wells for New York magazine, "The Uninhabitable Earth" has drawn more attention to global climate disruption than perhaps any other in recent memory, and set off a chain-reaction of criticism, debate, clarification and more articles by Wallace-Wells. Robert Hunziker has been writing hard-hitting, science-based articles on climate change (as well as Fukushima and other issues most don't want to talk about) for several years and has joined Paul on Talk Radio previously.

Here's the article that set off so much discussion and controversy, followed by links to others in response:

Hunziker's take:\

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