Trevor Aaronson and Joe Meyer Discuss Mo is Shy


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Trevor Arronson and Joe Meyer in St Petersburg
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Left Foot Beach at Midnight Pass
The GPS worked great. I got there 15 minutes early. I took a picture of some birds.
Joe likes to eat like Hercule Poirot
Trevor and Joe discuss an alternative scenario for Portland's Christmas Tree Lighting Scare of 2011

I checked out Trevor Aaronson's book, 'Terror Factory' from the Sarasota Library on my Mom's card. I was particularly interested in Mr Aaronson's coverage of the Mohamded Mohamud case here in Portland. I covered the trial for KBOO News and several things about the case seem unsolved.   I found out that Mr Aaronson had relocated from DC to Tampa - just and hour north of Sarasota.  Happily he had an hour from 3-4 the next day. 

The GPS worked flawlessless and I got there 15 minutes early. There is a nice like near by and a took a picture of some birds. 

Going in, my intent was get him feedback on a speculative version of event constructed from inconsistencies in FBI testimony. A lot or our discussion is about how the Portland case fits into other cases.  

The prosecution proved that the defend was predisposed because he said Jihad when he was 15.Yet no evidence was allowed as to the predisposition, history or motivations of the agents involved.  No evidence of the FBI practices in summative was allowed. That their recording equipment quite often fails on that first interview was not allowed evidence. I'm not a lawyer nor sure that is fair, 

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