Sex Workers, Risk Reduction, and 82nd Avenue

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Wed, 11/05/2008 - 6:00pm to 7:00pm
We talk with the Portland Women's Crisis Line & the Sex Workers Outreach Coalition

Prostitution-free zones designated by the City Council under Chapter 14B.30. The zones were areas in  which police had probable cause to believe a person committed prostitution  as defined in Section 14B.30.030 of city code. Offenders could be banned from the zone for a  twelve to 18 month period.

In 2007, Mayor Tom Potter allowed Portland's Prostitution Free Zone ordinances to sunset after determining that the law was ineffective.

In recent months, neighbors of the Montavilla neighborhood have begun organizing to mark the one year anniversary since the city dropped the Prostitution Free Zone.  The groups claim that crime has risen since the zone was dropped, and are attempting to push for its reinstatement.

Tonight on Circle A Radio, we will be speaking with Crystal Tenty of the Portland Women’s Crisis Line as well as Lily and Fosto from SWOC, the Sex Workers Outreach Coalition. SWOC’s  goal is to provide harm reduction based direct services to individuals who are working in the sex industry and to empower them to make choices in their lives.
We will also speak with Rachel West of the US Prostitute’s Collective and who was a member of the San Francisco Task Force on Prostitution.


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