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Thank you for listening to "Indian Country"!!!

  Thank you for enjoying "Indian Country"!! Submitted by Samantha Cusi on Mon, 08/02/2010 - 4:21pm. Thank you so much for the koodoos about the airing of "Indian Country". We try to bring you , our listener, modern, up- to- date info about the Native community and bring you ... Read more

Yesterday's show was AWESOME! Lookingwolf ROCKS!

The show was one of very best yesterday. The interview and performance with Lookingwolf was GREAT! Hope you all had a chance to listen in! More about the future of "Indian Country" later. Redwillow   Read more

Getting excited about the show this Friday! Thanks for all of the support!

Friday is running up close, Folks...I'm so excited to be airing the dynamite interview and performance with Jan Michael Lookingwolf! I KNOW you will like it! Checked in on the KBOO facebook page and someone sweet named Judith named ours as one of her favorite shows...Thanks... Read more

Jan Michael Lookingwolf taping today

Jan Michael Lookingwolf was a pleasure to have into the studio today.We were honored to have the 2009 NAMMY artist of the year in to support Native American programming! He played two songs, one on his guitar and the other on his beautiful flute. On his guitar was a tribal ... Read more


Just wondering what was really going on at the programming committee meeting tonight... Hoping the station will support "Indian Country"! Read more

We had a great show last week! Donvan Red Tomahawk was fun to have guest-host!

Louis and I had a wonderful time with Donavan "Red" Tomahawk guest hosting. He is one great story teller! I loved the ones about his latest powwow experiences and about the dances. Such a friendly and knowlegeble guy. He is Dakota and another tribe and German. I hope if he ... Read more

Indian Country is on every other Fri . from 1:30-3:00pm!

Indian Country is on every other Fri.! IE 7-09-10, 7-23-10, 8-06-10  etc. Indian Country is on from 1:30-3:00pm. Stay tune and enjoy traditionl and modern Native American music and up to the minute  Native news and event information. All are welcome!! Read more

We hope you enjoyed your Native American "Indian Country" show on Friday 6-25-10

  We hope that you enjoyed our music selection on the Friday 6-25-10 show. We played alot of Charles Littleleaf, who was our guest on the Friday 6-11-10 show. He is a terrific flute player and flute maker. He came all the way from the Warm Springs reservation to visit with ... Read more

Jan Michael Lookingwolf will be visiting us on "Indian Country".

I had the pleasure of hearing Jan Michael Lookingwolf at the World Beat Festival in Salem yesterday. He has graciously agreed to appear on our show "Indian Country". Lookingwolf is the current Native American Musician of the year, (NAMMY) and is also a spokesman and activis... Read more

Die German Stunde

Airs at: Fri, 06/25/2010 at 12:00am
How much do you really know about Germans? Why is going naked on a beach or in a public park in Germany okay and why are there restrictions here? Is the going-naked-movement gaining strength in Oregon and could Germany serve as a model? How do Germans deal with nudity and i... Read more