Pitching for Give Guide in December

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Tuesday, December 1, 2020 - 6:57pm


(Updated 12/8/2020: example pitches were edited to by simpler. Check them out below.)

Hey KBOO programmers, 

In place of pitching for a Holiday Drive like we sometimes have in December, we will be asking our supporters to donate to KBOO on  Give!Guide by Willamette Week from Dec 1 to Dec 31. During the month of December, please do at least one SHORT Give!Guide pitch during your program. The pitch can be soft and quick. Visit our Give!Guide page for more details about G!G and to see how our fundraising is going! 


About KBOO on Give Guide:

-Give!Guide is a list of nonprofits located in the Portland area. This year, 174 nonprofits in the Portland area were chosen by G!G

-This is the 5th year in a row that KBOO has been selected to participate in G!G. 

-The unique part of G!G is that they incentivize people to donate by offering chances to win prizes when you donate. For example, anyone who donates $10 or more through Give Guide gets free access to the Chinook Book mobile app with free coupons and discounts.

-“Big Give Days”: if someone donates on a “Big Give Day,” they have a chance to win a large prize such as a stay at a bed and breakfast or shopping spree. You only get a chance to win the Big Give Day prize if you donate on the specific  days. These days and prize details are listed at kboo.fm/give

-KBOO’s Give!Guide fundraising goal: $50,000

-Where to donate or find out more info: kboo.fm/give

-Give!Guide ends on Dec 31, 2020

-All new and increased donations to KBOO on Give Guide will be matched one to one up to $25,000


Example pitches (updated to simplify pitches 12/8/2020):

“You’re listening to the Lampshade Show here on KBOO Portland. I’m your host DJ Jam. Before we kick off the music, just a reminder that KBOO right now is a great time to show your support for this show and for community radio. KBOO has been selected to be part of this year’s Give!Guide by Willamette Week and we have a goal of raising $50,000 by the end of the year so show your support by going to  kboo.fm/give.  Now, let’s get to the music….”


“You’ve been listening to the Lampshade Show. Before we go, a quick reminder that you can support KBOO on Give Guide right now. We have a winter fundraising goal that we want to achieve before December 31st and we got a $25,000 match for all new and increasing donations, so it’s a great time to support this show on your favorite community radio station. To donate, go to kboo dot fm slash give. Thanks!”


“You’re tuned in to the Lampshade Show. I’m Kane. Today we’re going to talk about lampshades, but first I just want to give a quick nudge to KBOO on Give Guide. KBOO has an end of the year fundraising goal so we hope you’ll help us get there by donating to KBOO on Give Guide today by going to kboo dot fm slash give. Now, about today's topic..."


Tips for pitching:

-Keep it short and simple
-Mention the link to donate kboo.fm/give
-Try not to sound like you're reading a script. People who donate because of a pitch they heard on-air are usually motivated because they support what they are hearing on your show. You as the show host did something that showed them something that they find important enough to put their hard earned dollars behind.