Record a testimonial for KBOO!

Listener testimonial
Published date: 
Monday, January 25, 2021 - 1:39pm

KBOO is collecting audio testimonials from our listeners and supporters to play on the air and post on social media during our next fundraising campaign!

Would you be willing to record a testimonial?

Here's your script:

Hi! This is <your first name> from <your town>. I support KBOO because <<your reason>>. Join me in supporting KBOO community radio. Just go to the website or the KBOO app and click Donate!

There are three ways to record your testimonial:

1. Click on 'Record your story' on the KBOO app menu

2. Record the testimonial on your smart phone using the 'Voice memo' app, then email it to

(Tutorial for Iphone and Android)

3. Call this number: 503-231-8032 ext. 302 and record your testimonial as a voicemail.


THANK YOU!!!! Supporters like you are what makes KBOO possible!