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KBOO community radio has been bringing diverse communities together for forty years.  We offer over twenty hours per day of programs that are produced locally by volunteer community members.  This is critical for having local voices on the airwaves at a time when media ownership is consolidating and the remaining local entities turn to syndicated programs.  Furthermore we offer genuine diversity.  In a city that is over three-quarters white, we offer programming by and for Asian, African Americans, Latinos, Native Americans, and those from many other backgrounds.  We put youth (with a part-time youth coordinator assisting), veterans, and the disabled on the air.  And we bring these communities together on and off the air!

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Portland Needs a Rent Strike

program date: 
Mon, 12/28/2015

Joe Clement reads an opinion piece from December 23rd's Portland Observer  by Lew Church of Tenant Rights Project and Portland Tenants United, that suggests a city-wide rent strike is worth considering.

[image from wikipedia]

3:42 minutes (1.7 MB)

Resnick, Houck, and Lovell on Portland Climate Action Plan, Part One

program date: 
Mon, 12/28/2015

Bill Resnick interviews Mike Houck and Kaitlin Lovell about Portland's latest Climate Action Plan. Mike Houck has been a member of the Planning and Sustainability Commission, and is director of the Urban Greenspaces Institute. Kaitlin Lovell is Manager of the Science, Fish and Wildlife Division for the City of Portland's Bureau of Environmental Services. This is the first of a two-part conversation.

[image via wikimedia] 18:59 minutes (8.7 MB)

Mass Shootings and Insanity Pleas

program date: 
Mon, 12/28/2015

Frann Michel talks with Jan Haaken, director of the documentary Guilty Except for Insanity,  about questions around competency and the insanity plea in the Robert Lewis Dear case, the shooting that left three dead at the Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs in November. Jan comments on the history of the political use of the insanity plea as well as the role of madness--both individual and collective--in prosecution of mass killings.
10:16 minutes (4.71 MB)

Century Of Lies for December 27 2015

Century Of Lies
program date: 
Sun, 12/27/2015
This week on Century of Lies, we speak with Lynn Paltrow, executive director of National Advocates for Pregnant Women. 29:00 minutes (26.55 MB)

Robin Meyers, Spiritual Defiance

Religion For Life
program date: 
Sat, 12/26/2015
Robin Meyers has been the senior pastor of Mayflower Congregational Church in Oklahoma City for over thirty years. 29:00 minutes (26.55 MB)

The Spirit of the Forest - Episode 20

program date: 
Sat, 12/26/2015
This is Episode 20 of The Spirit of the Forest, an audio drama and dark comedy that reflects upon the sadness, the absurdity, and normalcy of modern life.  Each episode is a blend of fiction and reality, and is recorded in various locations throughout Oregon.
56:01 minutes (51.29 MB)

Journalist Jamie Kalven on Laquan McDonald and Police Reform in Chicago

News In Depth
program date: 
Thu, 12/24/2015
Independent Chicago journalist Jamie Kalven has been a voice calling for police reform in Chicago for years, and it was his lawsuit against the city of Chicago that brought the autopsy of Laquan McDonald into the light.
McDonald, a 17-year-old black man, was shot to death by police officer Jason van Dyke on October 20, 2014.
Van Dyke was charged with murder after the release of the autopsy and damning dashcam video of the incident, which showed McDonald--though he was armed with a knife--walking away from officers before van Dyke opened fire and later reloading his gun.
In all McDonald was shot sixteen times and died at the scene. 45:19 minutes (41.49 MB)

Domestic Workers' Bill of Rights Takes Effect Tomorrow

Evening News
program date: 
Tue, 12/22/2015
On January first a law will go into place assigning certain protections and benefits to domestic workers in the State of Oregon, called the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights. 
For more KBOO reporter Jared Dancler spoke with Tom Breedlove, an expert on household labor and taxes, and director for Home Pay, a division of the website 7:01 minutes (6.43 MB)

The Old Mole Variety Hour for December 21, 2015

program date: 
Mon, 12/21/2015
Old Mole Variety Hour

Denise Morris hosts this episode of the Old Mole, which includes Christmas songs by Etta James and Ella Fitzgerald, as well as segments on the climate impacts of the TPP,  the politics of the Peanuts' Christmas cartoon, and the impacts of the women's movement on family life in the USA:

- Desiree Hellegers hosts a round table discussion on the climate impacts of the Transpacific Partnership
54:52 minutes (25.12 MB)


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