Meeting of the KBOO Board of Directors, 2009/05/18

Monday May 18, 2009

Board Members Present:
Judy Fiestal—President impending grandma
Becky Chiao-note taker
Joe Azevedo
Erin Brand
jamilah bourdon—time keeper
Mark Allyn
Nia Lewis (late)
Genevieve Mathews
Ivonne Rivero

Staff and Public Attendees:
Arthur Davis
Marty Soehrman

Meeting Called to Order at 6:09 or so--we started with introductions and check-in without quorum. We got quorum about 6:20.

Judy got a cell phone to wait for a call about her about-to-be-born granddaughter. jamilah is recovering from membership drive. Erin finished her first exterior. Louis has been very busy. Becky got back from vacation. Arthur had a great week, accepting money donated to KBOO. Mark has been busy, he has no interest in doing a radio show.

Public Comments—none

Review of Commitments—

Judy will talk to Carrie and Arthur about setting up facilitation training-done
Judy or Eric will email Marty with the board member application--done
Joe, Genevieve and Erin will connect with Nia about the Development Committee--done
Eric and Genevieve will meet before Eric leaves, Judy said she’d like to come too to the meeting—done, Judy got an individual session
Judy will announce Board changes—new member and treasurer changes on the web and ask Zale to make Nia a board packet--done
Erin will arrange an orientation—waiting for an additional new board member
Arthur will talk to Chris about getting Nia a mailbox and getting her on the access list--done

All committee liaisons should fill out the job description form and forward the results to Erin.—no responses yet
Judy will tell Ivonne about the change in the meeting date.--done
Joe will make a cart about the meeting date change and a sign for the volunteer board and white board, Judy will put something on the website.—done
CRC users guide—being worked on
Election Manual—draft proceeding.

Review Decision Making Proposal

What do people think about additional hand gestures—thumbs up, thumbs down. Is thumbs down too negative? We decided to take out thumbs down. If people don’t like something, they can use the one figure up to ask a question that expresses they have some issues or raise their hand to talk. The fist for blocking something during a vote is also confrontational. But we’re keeping it for now.

Board Appointment—Marty is still interested and is here.

Closed session to discuss appointment 6:41—Reopened the meeting at 6:45

Mark proposed that we appoint Marty to the board, Louis seconded it and there was unanimous approval.

Marty was then seated as a Board Member.

Nominating committee—Judy would like us to have a chair. Erin said that we the committee should meet in the next month or so. Becky said that she will chair it. By our next meeting, we should set the election dates and we should be recruiting people. Joe suggested asking Ani and Judy suggested Kathleen and Jenka as sources of involved volunteers who would be good for the board.

Food break

Finance Update—The drive is probably going to come in about $19,000 short. The factors that affect that are our declining listenership, the economy and the program changes. But we have a strong cash position due to other contributions including a $62,000 bequest and surplus we’ve had before. We have budgeted for a deficit, but will probably have less of one than we planned on. In the long run, we need to cut costs, raise more money or both.

Proposed Bylaws amendments—some of the suggestions are to provide clarity on the membership list issue. Judy and Erin have been working with Scott Pratt. Our bylaws are limited by what the ORS rules are. Arthur suggests having a summary of the proposed bylaw changes in plain English. Judy raised the issue of changing the number of board members from 12 to 9 which is what it used to be in prior years.

Proposed Policy #63 Amendment Purchase of Gift Memberships

“KBOO Community Radio recognizes the value in gift memberships. An individual may purchase up to ten gift memberships in one calendar year.”

The reason for this policy change is because of a threat in the past from someone who wanted to get a gift memberships for people in order to get their votes for an election.

Judy sought the consent of the group. jamilah was not convinced that a policy change is needed, but she stood aside rather than block the consensus of the group. (Everyone else was in favor of the policy change.)

Development Committee Update—Capital Campaign update from Erin. Handout with drafts of letters. The Staff and the board are individually soliciting donations. When you’ve collected some money give it directly to Sun. We already have money coming in. The goal is $50,000. There is a major donor dinner planned.

Committee meetings update—Erin has not gotten any responses except from Engineering. We will try for next month.

Staffing and Management Analysis—Arthur and Judy met a guy named Jim Ayala who worked on workflow mapping/process analysis. He would like to volunteer to do an analysis of the station. They have had good interactions with him so far. Arthur is meeting with him Thursday at 11.

Arthur talked about strategic planning—we didn’t get a grant from Meyer to do research to help with strategic planning—audience, competition, mission, identity, brand and message. We can still do more to set mid-range 3-5 year goals. He’d like the Board to keep this in mind. Erin voiced her support for this based on a workshop she attended at the NFCB conference.

Announcements—Facilitation training with Carri Munn will be Wednesday May 27 6-9 pm 50th and Hawthorne or at Judy’s

Consent Agenda—April Board Minutes Approval—approved by consensus.

Public Meeting adjourned at 8:50pm.

We entered into a closed session at 9: 07pm.

Meeting adjourned at 9:46


Someone, Arthur maybe, has to change Sun and Andrew’s positions on the website.

Becky as chair of nominating committee will call a meeting.

Committee chairs should forward their results to Erin.

People should work on their individual capital campaign fundraising goals.

Marty needs a mailbox and to be added to the access list. He already has a board notebook.

Who is bringing food for the next meeting?

Next meeting June 22nd.


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