Meeting of the KBOO Board of Directors, 2009/01/26



Monday January 26, 2009

Board Members Present: 
Becky Chiao 
Anthony Petchel

Joe Azevedo

Erin Brand

Judy Fiestal

Eric Robinson

Jamilah Bourdon

Genevieve Mathews

Mark Allyn

Scott Forrester

Ivonne Rivero (late) 

Staff and Public Attendees:

Ani Haines

Arthur Davis

Marc de Giere

Toni Tabora Roberts

Robert Rogers, Engineering Department volunteer

John Mackey

Chris Merrick

Mr. Archer 

We appreciate Anthony and the Bank of the Cascades for hosting us tonight for the meeting. 

Judy facilitated  Jamilah was timekeeper Becky took minutes 

Eric brought food 

Meeting Called to Order at 6:00 or so--we started with introductions. 

Web Report by Marc de Giere 

Marc has been working for about a year.  His focus has evolved from training and moderation to include new online ways to engage with the public beyond radio shows—web 2.0. 

Data is tracked via Google Analytics.  Traffic has increased overtime.  People spend less time when they come-bounce rate which could be people just linking to the stream to listen.  There is a new layout.  We now have iTunes compatibility but we aren’t listed on iTunes which requires registering each show individually.  Some shows have their own websites, Marc is reaching out to them to use the KBOO site.  The schedule is updated and easier to update.  There is a new influx of web volunteers. 

Judy asked what the challenges are for the department:  Training—still about 25 shows without a web presence work to get people to imagine how the web can be used.  Video is a new thing we can have post on the website.  Blogging allows anyone to publish on the web.  Marc is training people on ways to blog and include links to relevant info.  Second webstream is a topic that comes up, Marc thinks there needs to be more discussion about it.  The current audio stream is from the live broadcast.  We can have a second stream using software and we can program whatever onto it—having a second live stream would be a lot of work, but we could do premade stuff or certain live programs. 

Arthur mentioned the idea of fundraising on the web.  He was talking to the manager of KGNU at Boulder.  It works when people are listening on the Web—certain nationally known shows.  It is hard to charge for content when there is so much for free.  He said that he has been impressed with the work that Marc and Roger (our site developer) have been doing.   

There is a public radio exchange ( site where you can post stuff for people to download and pay a fee to KBOO.  We’ve decided that KBOO and programmer co-own it and can distribute materials produced at KBOO.  Policy 15 might need to be amended. 

There is a new membership registration form that is hosted on our site instead of offsite.  Marc has plans to add a KBOO store to the website in an update that is due to be completed in April which will include a more visually appealing look and will include a change in the drupal programming that will make it easier for Marc and others to make changes. 

Marc is a half time employee we recently allocated $6000 for web upgrades.  Judy asked if that is a limitation.  Marc said that he has more volunteers, if he had more money he’d probably purchase more things—licensing music, more web developer time. 

New Logo—Marc reported.  Toni was also on the committee with Andrew.  They volunteered to work on it.  Toni, Andrew and Marc meet together regularly because their work overlaps.  Before there were multiple logos—we didn’t have a good digital file for the other logos.  They worked for 6 mos. to 1 year.  First worked with Brash creative from the Art Institute.  Consulted with volunteers.  The first version didn’t get much support.  Started from scratch with a contest.  Looked at goals for the logo—readability, scaling, incorporation of the mission,   The color isn’t necessarily set.  Some people have commented that it looks like a bra.  Ani said volunteers coming in for membership drive have liked it.  Genevieve asked if it could be tweaked?  Marc said talk to him.  We are releasing the logo to designers who are using it for other publications.  If people want to do something they need to speak up soon. 

Program Changes Report—Chris Merrick 

The evening changes have been made.  There were some delays due to the membership drive.  Some changes have already been made to the morning schedule.  Kathleen has a proposal for a new weekly am schedule.  From surveys it appears that people prefer newsbased heavily produced shows.  We’d have news shows at 9 am, Flashpoints and Air Cascadia on at 10 and Community Arts and Culture shows from 11-12.  We could do this shuffle in March.  Start working with the program committee on this at the next meeting.  Most programmers put in applications to renew their shows and we have a dozen or so proposals for new shows.  The committee needs to review those.  We would start with pilots.  March 5-9 we have Marilyn Pittman who will train all 175 programmers on a common standard of excellence—production and presentation.   

The Spring drive will be two weeks at the end of May.  Kathleen’s sabbatical is scheduled for May/June.  We’d want to changes planned before she left. 

We have a grid for evaluating all of the current programs that have asked to be renewed to evaluate areas such as compelling topic/guest, preparation, presentation, engineering, community connection, commitment to diversity, KBOO obligations, KBOO outreach, web presence. 

The plan has been to look at the schedule in chunks so that it is manageable for the committee.  We don’t have a lot of advertising; we rely on word of mouth for publicity to let people know changes have occurred.  The transition could be expected by the fall 2009 drive.  Judy asked who will do the critical listening?  Chris said anyone can, the information is online, program staff will do reviews, the committee members will do it also.  A grant from an anonymous funder will provide times for the program staff do just do program reviews and have people fill in.  Joe asked what about having the committee listen to 10 minutes of every show.  Chris said that that doesn’t work that well.  Genevieve said that people on the committee did select shows to listen to evaluate.  Sometimes when there is a “problem show” the committee has listened to air checks together. But for the full program review that would be too much to do in the committee.  Programmers will get individual feedback.   There is a lot of concentration because most listenership is in the morning so that is where most of the improvement efforts are focused.  Mr. Archer comments about the loss of the am news.  Chris responded that we tried to keep the am news alive for many years but we weren’t able to keep up with it, but we do have Air Cascadia now.  Judy asked how they are going to deal with people who haven’t signed up on the web yet.  Chris said that Marc is doing a good job keeping track of this and we’ll have training.  Web presence will be required.  The next program committee meeting is Feb. 10. 


Pendleton Update—Robert Rogers—engineering volunteer wanted construction permit to be picked up.  Has talked to people in Pendleton.  Judy said we want a report from Scott.  Currently at issue is $3500 to settle with Oremus, to secure the license.  The additional $1500 for lawyer and engineer fees won’t be due right away.  Becky and Arthur questioned that thinking that the lawyer fees would need to paid up front to seal the deal with Oremus.  There is a KBOO donor who has offered to guarantee the $5500, people in Pendleton are excited.    Scott doesn’t think that any further action by the Board is necessary.  Pendleton would like their money contributions to count as free memberships.  Brown Broadcasting wrote to the FCC saying that there is something pending so they’ll hold off.  Judy asked whether it would be KBOO that would be transmitted at the new station.  She asked what engineering resources would they expect.  Scott’s response was that the engineering would be a couple of years down the road and that there is no decision about what would be broadcast.   

Robert works in the area of building radio—he says that there is a lot of commercial radio there.  We should hold the place for the people in Pendleton.  We’ve spent money that we might not get back, but we are close to getting the CP (construction permit). 

Arthur said it would be good to have a written pledge for the money.  The issue of the gift memberships hasn’t come up in the past.  If one person gives the $5500 and then gets paid back from the Pendleton fundraising then it is a loan. The idea was that we might have needed to act quickly before the Bush administration went out, but that doesn’t seem to be needed.  Scott said it is fine if it is a stand alone station or if we give them our programming.  The donors want to make sure that their gift is earmarked, not put into the general account and that they’ll get any excess. 

John sent an email tonight and then called Mike Brown.  John sent incorrect information before.  In the case of a legal settlement, we can transfer the license from the moment the CP is issued.  Therefore, he would recommend that we go forward to get the CP and even if people in Pendleton don’t move forward we could possibly recoup our earlier investment. 

Manager Report—Arthur Davis—has been working on insurance, board staff retreat and the Meyer Memorial application.  He’s been looking at decision making.  He’s having staff look at their work plans which flow from goals and objectives.  We haven’t had work plans in a while.  Based on performance reviews, he is coming up with priority lists with the staff.  The staff can’t do everything so helping to prioritize in line with the goals and objectives and job descriptions should help. 

Arthur wants to take time off in September for several weeks. 

Translators—goal to move Hood River translator and then catch the signal in the Dalles.  It didn’t get done before the site got snowed in.  So now that is pushed back to April possibly.  We couldn’t schedule the install with the company.  They did the Corvallis move and said they lost money.  So our projects get lower priority.  We’re still running KBPS in the Dalles. 

Policy on Legal Matters—Resolution from Arthur-- Proposed Language: 

Legal Matters 

Legal Matters shall be handled by the Board President or Station Manager or any person or group appointed by the Station Manager or a majority vote of the board or Executive Committee.  Attorneys to represent KBOO are selected by the Station Manager or by a majority vote of the board of Executive Committee.  Other board and staff members shall not contact KBOO attorneys, individuals involved with potential or actual litigation or other legal complaints against the station, or the legal representatives of potential or actual complainants. 

The KBOO Board wishes to ensure that:

  1. Complainants and counsel receive a consistent message from the station.
  2. KBOO does not spend excess time and money on legal matters
  3. Board members do not use confidential or proprietary information to undermine the organization.  Board members have a duty to be loyal to the corporation and not to get involved with those who may be contemplating litigation.  Affirmatively, board members should notify the board if such efforts are made.

Scott said that it should be made clear that the executive committee only acts in emergencies when the full board can’t meet.  He would like the lawyer here at meetings to give advice about what these things mean.  He would suggest that the policy apply to only actual litigation and not contemplated litigation.  It is his position that this would require a change to the bylaws. 

Anthony moved to approve the policy resolution.  Mark A. seconded.  10 in favor, 1 opposed 1 abstention.  MOTION PASSED 

Minutes from January 5 meeting:    On the frequency update—Scott said that I should take out the “Humane Society and Legal Aid” make it individuals and groups.  Take out sentence that says talked to people in Corvallis.  Anthony did suggest that we strive to bring in one new member each meeting.  Ivonne had thought it meant bring a new person to be a board member. 

Scott moved to approve the minutes with those corrections.  Mark seconded.  11 in favor, 1 abstained.  MOTION PASSED. 

Proposal on Open Meetings:  Scott disagrees having a board retreat that isn’t open to all members.  We voted last month about it.  The program committee is having a retreat to look at the daytime schedule since they didn’t get to all of the items on the agenda.  Scott’s impression is that the chair of the committee made it clear that people not on the committee would not be welcome at the retreat.  He thinks that anyone should be able to come because the program changes are big.  He would agree that those who are not committee members can’t participate if there are time constraints.  He gave the example of a City Council meeting.  He thinks that when the committee is doing committee work, it should be open.  Scott quoted the message from Chris in the program guide which says the public is invited to board and program committee meetings. 

He would like the board to make it clear that the program committee should not have a closed retreat. 

Scott moves that the board direct the program committee to have all of its meetings open including the upcoming retreat and that the board work on a open meeting policy.  Mark seconded the motion. 

Ivonne said that she has been to many meetings and work groups and lots of participation has been invited.  Some programmers don’t understand why the changes are occurring.  She said that this has been a lot of work and that if all of the meetings were open to non-committee members that they would not be able to have gotten any work done.  KBOO does invite participation but there are rules about the committee.  Any one who wants to join the committee by showing up 3 times in a row.  She supports the self-governing of the committee.  It will take a lot of work to complete the schedule review.  

Louis pointed out that the motion did not include limiting non-committee members to just observing, not participating.  Scott said he’d take that as a friendly amendment. 

Amended:  Scott moves that the board direct the program committee to have all of its meetings open to non-member observers (not to participate) including the upcoming retreat and that the board work on a open meeting policy.   

Ani said that the program advisory committee has always used retreats to not have to start of scratch with new people each time and move things forward.  She also pointed out that Chris actually has the authority to change the schedule and the committee just advises here. 

Joe asked if there would be minutes from the retreat.  Becky said she didn’t think so. 

Judy said that she wants to support the program committee in the difficult work the board asked them to do.  She said that sometimes the discussions do end up to be like personnel discussions about individual programmers.  Erin agreed, there is a time crunch to get work done before Kathleen’s sabbatical.  Arthur said that it is also helpful to have a time where the group isn’t speaking publically so they can throw out ideas. 

Anthony said he thinks and easy solution would be to take minutes. 

4 in favor of the motion 6 opposed  2 abstentions  MOTION FAILED 

Consent Agenda—Mark moved to approve the consent agenda, Judy seconded. 

Scott mentioned that the Meyer Grant proposal is for a lot of money for market research and that we should have done that before we made the program changes.  He also said that on the goals and objectives—he’d objected to the increases in underwriting and ran for that as a candidate, so he doesn’t support that part.  Becky responded that it was clear during the last board term from the NFCB and loss of CPB funding that we would have to make schedule changes right away.   The last board did try to do “market research” using volunteer efforts to inform the program committee’s work but we saw that we didn’t have the volunteer capacity and decided to seek funding to do more in depth work. 

Consent Agenda passed unanimously. 

Commitments—Do people want to do more work on the logo?  Erin suggested letting it go, bumper stickers are about to be printed.   

Scott and Arthur agreed to work together to pin down the fundraising issues on the Pendelton project.  Arthur will talk to Scott’s contacts.  The board wants the money before any expenses are approved. 

Judy reminded us that the membership drive is this week thru Saturday.  People can be supervisors if they’ve done it before or do other shifts.  Ani said there is still time to sign up—but there are only a few phone shifts open—Saturday and early days. 

The next meeting is the board staff retreat at the Quaker meeting house on SE Stark—February 21 9:30-5:30.  We’ll hear more about it. 

Arthur’s time off?  Does anyone want to discuss it?  We don’t think we need to pass something but will bring it up in closed session. 

Arthur will talk to Zale to about including the new policy in our policies and with Judy to get it on the web. 

Public Meeting adjourned at 8:45. 

We entered into a closed session at 8:52. 

Reopened Public meeting:  The board set a special meeting for Thursday February 19 at 6:30 pm   Genevieve will reserve a room at KBOO and post a notice on the bulletin board.  Judy will announce the meeting on the website.  Joe will make a cart.  The agenda will be to address complaints about a board member. 

We adjourned around 10 pm.


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