KBOO 2012 Election Guide

Welcome to KBOO Radio's guide to the November 2012 elections.  As a non-profit radio station, we cannot advocate or endorse any candidate.  But here's a guide to the Election for our devoted listeners: KBOO's coverage of national and local campaigns, voter disenfranchisement, a description of Oregon ballot measures, a list of who's for and against each, and links to audio reports.

Presidential election:

8/14/12 - Abe examines Rep. Paul Ryan, the would-be VP. We're through the looking glass now, everyone.

3/16/12 - Ani and Lyn look at the current fog of sexism blanketing the political scene.

Jan. 2012 - Do we really have a choice? Abe sizes up the 2012 presidential election.

6/14/11 - Abe and Joe: Wall Street and the Presidential Election: It's been estimated that the winner of the 2012 presidential election will need to spend $1 billion to do it.

 Voter disenfranchisement and election theft:

9/26/12 - Greg Palast on Political Perspectives: How to steal an election

09/17/12 - More Talk Radio: Will the GOP Steal America's 2012 Election? 

Harry Wasserman and Bob Fitrakis on the 2012 stolen election - American Legislative Exchange council
Air Cascadia 12/30/11 -- http://kboo.fm/node/32911
Air Cascadia 8/31/12 -- http://kboo.fm/node/49541

Oregon Ballot Measures:

KBOO Coverage: 10/23/12 - Abe and Joe tackle the long list of initiatives on the November ballot.

Measure 77: Would allow the governor to declare “catastrophic disasters” and authorizes suspending specified constitutional spending restrictions.


Measure 78: Would alter constitutional language describing governmental system of separation of powers while also making grammatical and spelling changes


Measure 79: Would prohibit real estate transfer taxes, fees and other assessments except those in place at the end of 2009


Measure 80: Allows personal marijuana, hemp cultivation and use without a license, and establishes a commission to regulate commercial marijuana cultivation and sale.


Measure 81: Prohibits commercial non-tribal fishing with gill nets in Oregon’s “inland waters” while allowing the use of seine nets.


Measure 82: Authorizes the establishment of privately owned casinos while establishing how much of the facilities’ revenue must be paid to the state.


Measure 83: Authorizes a privately owned casino in Wood Village, east of Portland.

  • Text of measure: Shall a Casino & Entertainment Center Consistent with State Ballot Measures be developed at the former Multnomah Kennel Club?[1]


Measure 84: Phases out existing inheritance taxes on large estates and all taxes on “intra-family property transfers.”


Measure 85: Would allow the state’s corporate kicker to fund K-12 public education efforts.

  • Text of measure: Is Portland Public School District authorized to issue up to $482 million of general obligation bonds to improve schools? If the bonds are approved, they will be payable from taxes on property or property ownership that are not subject to the limits of sections 11 and 11b, Article XI of the Oregon Constitution.[2]
  • KBOO Coverage:
    Out Loud 9/12/12 -- guests from Our Portland, Our Schools discuss the PPS construction bond, and current PPS students describe why this bond is important to them
  • Endorsed by Basic Rights Oregon, SEIU Local 503, SEIU Local 49, American Federation of Teachers - Oregon
  • Opposed by Oregon Small Business Coalition


Portland School District Ballot Measure:

Measure 26-144: Authorizes the Portland Public School District to issue up to $482 million in general obligation bonds to improve schools


City of Portland Ballot Measures:

Measure 26-146: Restores arts and music for schools and funds the arts through an income tax of $35 per year




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