A "Juneteenth" rememberance: confronting racism in Oregon

June 19th marks the 144th anniversary of the landing of federal troops in Galveston, Texas to enforce the Emancipation Proclamation and finally bring slavery to an end throughout the United States. "Juneteenth" has not only become a day to commemorate the end of slavery but to reflect on the African American experience - from progress made to challenges that remain. As Oregonians celebrate the 150th anniversary of their statehood, Juneteenth is an opportunity to look at how we are contributing - or not - to overcoming racism in Oregon.

Service for Hood River Broadcast Disabled Today


Our Hood River transmitter will be down from about 2 PM until 8 PM for engineering work.

Arvie Smith

Arvie Smith has a show up right now at Beppu Wiarda. He says he was very inspired by the election of Barack Obama and the show has something to do with that optimism. The paintings have intense color with often complex compositions and they are tell sories. Listen to the interview here.

La Contessa de la Luna has'a BookFace, whatever that is

The Contessa doesn't really know what it is, but they call it FaceBook. It seems to be about having friends, and of course a friend is like a warm slipper, or a little tiny bug, or a big fluffy cloud shaped like a little tiny bug. But just don't read about it, read about it on La Contessa's FaceBook.

Pedal with Pride this weekend!


Starfucker and Lifesavas @ Cleveland High School (music in schools benefit)

Soul Nite @ Rotture (monthly soul and r&b dance party)

PUFF V @ Clinton St. Theater (5th Annual PDX Underground Film Festival)

Telepathe, Nite Jewel, Felshtone, Linger & Quiet @ Holocene (disco disco electro dance party)

What do Lents residents really think of Randy Leonard's baseball deal?

At last month's meeting of the Lents Neighborhood Association, Portland City Commissioner Randy Leonard told a less than enthusiastic audience that "Having a Triple A baseball stadium would be the best thing we could ever have happen in Lents." While criticism of the stadium deal grows - including official rejection by the Portland Parks Board - Leonard remains unmoved in his belief that "downtown" interests, not neighborhood residents, are behind the opposition.

Only a couple more weeks to go!


I only have a couple more weeks of stand in youth advocating until Erin gets back! I'm excited to have some more free time again- but I'll definitely miss doing all this outreach and mingling!

Today I spent most of my time returning emails- its really cool to continually hear about what the school districts and communities in the Portland Area are up to. I feel more in touch with my community just because I'm starting to get a grip on whats going on on the large scale- the need for alternative education, lack of funds for programs, and hearing the struggles that some schools are going through just to stay open!

Eric Vines of the Sitka Center for Art and Ecology

Eric Vines, Executive Director for the Sitka Center for Art and Ecology joined us at KBOO. Listen to the interview here.

reproductive justice


for the Old Mole Variety Hour, June 8, 2009

The funeral this weekend of Dr. George Tiller attracted hundreds of mourners, honoring the memory of one of the very small number of doctors providing late term abortions in the US, a man whose clinic motto was "Trust women."

Is This What Democracy Looks Like?


Words can be used to communicate ideas between people, to describe things we can't point to.  Words can also be used to separate and manipulate.  This happens in our media all the time.  Remember when the prior administration talked about "spreading democracy"?  

This was a divisive choice of words - some of us think - hooray! spreading democracy! pass the popcorn!  to others, sounds a little like cultural imperialism.

Implicit in this phrase is the assumption that we own democracy.  in a way, in a global sense, we do - the US has the ability to more or less define who has it, who does it, what does it mean.  

In remembrance of independence day, We the People questions our right to use this term - by co-opting it, molding it, dissecting it, refining it, perhaps obliterating it.

Why? because one use for mass media is to help us understand our world.  And some think that an informed populace required for a functioning democracy.  So if you and I can't even agree on the terms, how are we supposed to build this thing together? and maybe when we look at "mob rule" "one man one vote"  who knows, maybe we won't even want it.

We are inviting listeners to write a two paragraph mini-essay answering the following questions:  

What is the definition of democracy?

Does the US measure up?  

We'll read them on the air, and discuss it with our listeners on June 25th for We the People's Independence Day show.

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